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Microsoft releases Windows Server 2008 to manufacturing (RTM)

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Almost five years in the making, Microsoft's newest server operating system has hit its next milestone: Development is complete, and it's been released to manufacturing. Meanwhile, some sources are saying that Service Pack 1 for Vista also will debut on Monday.


One key feature of the server operating system is Server Core, a stripped-down, lightweight installation option that contains only a subset of executable files and can perform a limited number of functions. Not only can Server Core work on older hardware when the full-boat operating system will not, but running Windows Server 2008 in this way means fewer security vulnerabilities, Computerworld's reviewer says.


Other new functions include expanded support for Internet Information Server, where administrators can control exactly which pieces of IIS are installed and running at any given time, and more options for running and controlling applications remotely. Also on display at those events will be Visual Studio 2008, which recently was made available to volume customers, and SQL Server 2008, which Microsoft said has been delayed until the third quarter.


linked via >http://www.msfn.org/comments.php?shownews=21834


full story > computerworld

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