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adding user account to a folder via group policy

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Hi, I was hoping I can get some hints or pointed in the right direction with an annoyance of mine and my users...


Problem: standard users are unable to delete desktop icons from their desktop that were added during system deployment (via SCCM) or through application updates. Only administrator can delete the icons.


Possible Solution: Is there a way through Domain group policy to Add the group "Domain Users" with Modify Permissions to folder "c:\users\public\desktop"? That would give people access to delete the icons they want. That is the easiest way that I can think of to fix this issue for now and through the future.


P.S. This is a 100% windows 7 + 2008 R2 domain environment.



Thanks for your help!,


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Some people actually do use the icons, I want to give the freedom to remove if desired, not have things disappear and generate more support questions for me.

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Any one have a better idea then just adding this to a start up/logon script?

attrib -h c:\Users\Public\Desktop


Icacls c:\Users\Public\Desktop /grant "domain\Domain Users":M /T /C


attrib +h c:\Users\Public\Desktop

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