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Deploy OS from Server share DP

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I have an environment with two 2007 R2 SCCM servers (primary and secondary) along with a third site that has a server share DP.


We are running OSD & PXE boot deployments at the sites with SCCM servers. I would like to run OSD (PXE boot deployment not necessary) at the site with the server share DP. All of my task dependent packages, driver packages, boot images and Windows images are on the site 3 DP.


Is it possible to run OSD tasks from the server share DP in this environment?


When I attempt to run an OSD task on a PC at the third site it:

launches the task

downloads the USMT for profile scan

captures the windows settings specified in the task sequence

downloads the boot image


fails to download the windows image



I'm using a PC model that can successfully run OSD and PXE tasks at site 1 and site 2, so I know that the boot image has the necessary hard disk and network drivers. No partiton issues either.


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Ok. I found the C:\SMSTSLog folder with more info


Hash errors on the download of the Windows image file:


Successfully connected to "servershare\dp\smspkg\LMC0017A"

Succeeded loading resource DLL 'X:\sms\bin\i386\1033\TSRES.DLL'

Hash could not be matched for the downloded content. Original ContentHash = 7862B09EC00AA6A5FA8719E439EE38931B1CDC98, Downloaded ContentHash = 50E19DA457463029738D3E2F23FC69AFA6AAFDFC


Installation of image 1 in package LMC0017A failed to complete..

The hash value is not correct. (Error: 80091007; Source: Windows)


Failed to run the action: Apply Operating System.

The hash value is not correct. (Error: 80091007; Source: Windows)



So I've already refreshed this package on the DP with the exact same results. Any suggestions?

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