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When do i not want Binary Differential Replication?

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As i understand, when "Binary Differential Replication" is checked, then when you make changes in a package and then updates the distribution points, only the changes will be transfered and therefore you wont use so much bandwidth as would have to if you didnt have this option checked.


I just wonder when, in wich scenario would i NOT want this? I cant figure out why its a choise? I can only see advantages :)


PIC: http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/1713/binarydifferentialrepli.jpg


// Barty

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Hi Barty,


From my understanding, using the BDR adds significant processing time to the package. I've spoken with techs who have suggested to only use BDR with the actual OS images or wims Using it on small single packages is kind of moot as it wouldn't take long to process anyway. Using it on packages like Autocad and the like would add a lot of processing time, as it would have to scan each of the thousands of files to make a signature so that it can recognise if it has changed.


I can't actually find any online documentation to back up what I've said, it's all come from word of mouth.





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