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Migrate useres to new domain with new usernames

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So.. here is my situation:

We need to migrate userprofiles from one domain to another

In the old domain, logonnames are like "olddomain\firstname" the accounts in the new domain needs to be formatted differently "newdomain\user3214234"

I have read some of the info about USMT and SCCM.. most of the guides about migrating to a new domain assusmes that the user will have the same username..

Can somone point me to the information i need to figure this out?

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The loadstate of USMT has the Move Use (/mu) option. With this command line option you can specify a new username for an user. See also: http://technet.micro...4(v=ws.10).aspx


"/mu: OldDomain\OldUserName:[NewDomain\]NewUserName"


That would work, but i dont see any way i can use this with an deployment with sccm tho..


Is it a possibility to just run a usmt scanstate with a sccm deployment, and manually run a USMT loadstate, after the user has logged in once? so i can specify olduser/newuser..

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