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Odd DNS Name resolution Issue, out of ideas


Hello All,


I've been troubleshooting an issue with Name resolution between two separate active directory forests (trying to get a SCCM 2012 client assigned to a site, but I need to resolve this DNS issue first). There is a two-way trust setup, but something changed which is preventing a successful trust validation\nslookup\ping domain name.


Here's some context and more detailed info:
Forest/Domain A (a.local), Domain Controller A (DNS installed)

- Conditional forwarder zone setup for "b.local" in DNS

- can successfully ping b.local

- can successfully NSLOOKUP b.local

- DCA has two virtual NICs (private/backup)

- Communication between other forests\domains works fine


Forest/Domain B (b.local), Domain Controller B (DNS installed)

- Conditional forwarder zone setup for A.local

- Can NOT ping a.local

- Can NOT NSLOOKUP a.local (2 second timeout message)

- CAN ping backup IP address of domain controller (DCA) in a.local

- DCB has two virtual NICs (private/backup)


I have tried several ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /showdns, disabling/re-enabling the virtual nics and switching around of DNS IPs on the NICs, etc but i can't nail down the problem. It almost seems like network requests for "a.local" are never forwarded to the DCA server.


I probably should install and run a network trace, but I don't have much experience with those apps. Anything come to mind by the information I've provided? I would really appreciate any troubleshooting ideas/advice as I'm new to DNS, especially with multiple network interfaces/ AD domains/etc..






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Is there a router / switch between 2 forests? if your answer is yes then enable AD ralated ports on that device. If there is a VPN communication between forests, then reestablish site-to-site connectivity. If I'm at your place I'll disable unwanted NICs first, because multi-homed network in recommended on DCs as per Microsoft.

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