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  1. Yes, after the updates have reported success I can see in Windows Explorer that the wim file has increased in size. At that point I distribute the content to the DP - I do not distribute it prior to patching. I have left it for several hours before trying to deploy it. I could not see any errors in the distmgr.log file - thank you for the suggestion, I hadn't checked that out yet.
  2. This is what I had to do in my build and capture, make sure you put it before Apply Operating System. Thereafter it was not needed in the deployment task sequences.
  3. Hi Peter33, Thanks for the reply, I understand what you mean about the installed updates being a list pulled from the database. I may not have made myself clear regarding the wim and bak files. For example, I've captured an image - capture.wim - 5GB, added this into Opperating System Images and then patched it using scheduled updates. After patching my capture.wim grows to 6GB and I have a backup copy capture.wim.bak which is still at the original size of 5G. When I distribute my image to the DPs the size of the image is 5GB - it doesn't seem to upload the patched wim. I don't
  4. Hi Everyone, I have a strange issue that I'd like some help on please. I've used the build and capture task sequence to capture a wim image. I add this wim to my Operating System Images and then run through the Scheduled Updates wizard. This all looks to work fine and I can see in my image's directory a .bak of my image alongside the slightly larger originally named, now with updates included wim file. The properties of the imported image list all of the updates that I requested to be installed - so all looks good to me(?) It's at this point that I deploy the image to the distribut
  5. Hi Oneone, Yes I've made a software update group and deployed it to the B&C collection. This step seems to start OK as it picks up the number of updates however none install (displays installing 1 of 54 for a while and then moves on to the next task). Our Packages do not typically have that box checked however they do still install during B&C, it's the Applications that do not install. There is a similar sounding option in Applications: "Allow this application to be installed from the Install Application task sequence action instead of deploying it manually" I've selected this
  6. I've tried- Install Properties: DNSSUFFIX=domainname.com SMSMP=sccmservername.domainname.com But that still hasn't made a difference. The SMSMP server name doesn't need http:// or anything like that does it? The B&C is taking place on the LAN. The Install Applications step is after Setup Windows and Configuration Manager and before Capture Reference Machine. This is where it appears when following the Task Sequence wizard for Build & Capture. There are only a small number of applications that I want to include in the B&C, I've found in testing (in CM2007) that includin
  7. Hi Anyweb, I have set the smsmp with our sccm.fqdn but it still fails. Definitely joining a workgroup and not domain. It's really strange that drivers and (software) packages do install but applications and updates do not. They do deploy fine in a deployment TS so for now I'll do that (which is a shame as the deploy TS will take longer then it would had these applications & updates been included on the b&c). Thanks
  8. Similarly in a Build & Capture any Applications that we include do not install either, strangely Packages install fine. Is there a log file that would give me some clues? Any ideas welcomed! Thanks
  9. Hi Oneone, Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this and you are correct that it does not join the domain. I am installing the configuration manager as per the built in task sequence step. Under installation properties it allows me to specify the SMSMP but I get the following error notification when trying to add SMSSITECODE. Installation properties can not include SMSSITECODE or SMSPROVISIONINGMODE Should I install it as a regular software package and specify the SMSSITECODE as part of the command line install parameters instead? I have also seen this suggestion but do
  10. Hello, I've created several B&C task sequences that have worked fine in the past. I am now trying to include Software Updates however they fail to install. The updates are in a Software Update Group and Deployment Package, this is deployed to the B&C device collection (which installs fine outside of the task sequence). During the task sequence it displays: Running Action: Install Updates ~ Downloading 1 of 58 updates (0% complete).. but it does not install any updates and after a while moves on to the next item in the task sequence. I have seen several postings on this
  11. I deleted the applications in question and re-deployed the existing builds, all working fine. Will add them again and hope the issue doesn't return!
  12. The issue is that we have a power management application, this checks with the local SCCM client for any pending installs before shutting down the client. The SCCM client is expecting these adobe installs and does not attempt to shut down when instructed. I have now built an image with a clean/new Operating System Installer, there are no apps deployed during B&C or deployment yet the client still seems to think it is expecting adobe reader & flash. Is there a maintenance task I can configure to run that would fix this?
  13. Hi Peter, I don't have an AppEnforce.log on the client PC? Thanks
  14. Hello, We have a strange issue with our SCCM 2012 setup. Basically after deploying Windows 7 to a new PC the AppDiscovery.log seems to claim that it is expecting some applications to be installed however these applications are not being deployed anywhere and are not included in the task sequence. I have tried to rebuild the task sequences and have made a fresh build and capture but still the issue persists. The only constant is the operating system installer. If we uninstall the ccm client and then re-install (push from sccm) it does not find any false advertisements. These app
  15. I created a package instead and used the same msi and it is now installing as expected.
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