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  1. Hi Team I'm currently deploying winXp image on Dell 790. For some reason after completing all the actions in my TSQ , after the machine reboots it is getting frozen as attached in the screen shot below. I have also attached the screen shot of the tasksequence. I have the right mass storage driver tasksequence. Initially i had enable Raid controller but i got the same Frozen screen. SO i tried to disable that step in task sequence and i ran, but still i am having the same error. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance
  2. Thank You Peter. Will keep the post updated on the status of the DMZ progress. Thanks Again!
  3. Hi Peter, That link is just awesome!. Thank you very much. I will be trying this out tomorrow in my company. If i face any issues i will post the comment here for more clarifications. Howerver one last question..i just want to reframe my steps on how i will be setting SCCM up on DMZ servers. 1. Initially i need to open up all the necessary ports. 2. Follow the Link that you have provided to proceed with the installation of SCCM Client on DMZ. 3. After this i guess the DMZ servers should work fine with the SCCM client on it. I guess i don't have to do more. I hope i am right... Thank You
  4. Hi Peter, Thanks for your reply. I know that in my company they not using Mixed Mode. They have native mode environment. So can you please suggest me how can i manage the Houston DMZ servers by SCCM? I guess port 80, 443 , UDP ports should be opened up. If need be other ports. Once this task is achieved what should i be doing in this native mode environment? How do i proceed? Thanks much in advance.
  5. Hi Team, I need your help here. I'm pretty new to working on DMZ servers and managing them. At my company they want to get their DMZ Servers managed by SCCM (manual certificate enrollment). I'm not sure how i need to start and reach to my goal of getting this set up. I went through couple of forums on the web and they all say that DMZ servers should be a part of workgroup computers, we need to open up the ports. Then they also say we might need to set up a primary DMZ site so that it can communicate with the primary sccm site server. I'm confused here. Can you please tell me the step by step procedure on what should i follow and how i can i achieve this? Thanks much in advance.
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