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  1. Hi all, I am running into a weird problem with the Reporting feature in SCCM. When I try to run a report, I can only see certain reports and not all of them. The ones that I couldn't see is showing a blank page. I've already verified the following: • gave my domain account ‘read’ rights on ‘All Instances’ of the ‘Report’ class • gave my domain account ‘read’ rights on ‘All Instances’ of the ‘Status Messages’ class • added my domain account to the ‘SMS Reporting Users’ local group on the sccm server which had the Reporting Point Site System Role installed on Even with read / write / delete / administer rights on All Instances of the Report class and Status Messages class, it still didn't fix the problem. For example, I was able to run and saw the report of “Computers with a specific amount of memory” no problem. But I could only see a blank page when I ran the report for “Computer information for a specific computer”. I have tested with other reports and produced similar result, some I could see and some I couldn’t. I’ve also noticed that when I create a Dashboard report, under the “Select Report” tab, it says I can only select reports that I have Read access to and that do not have prompts. I’m certain that I already have Read access to all instances of Reports/Status Messages class, yet this list is not 100% complete compare to all the SCCM Reports that I am supposed to see. any suggestion?
  2. Hello all, has anyone successfully roll out the latest update 10.1.0 for Adobe Acrobat X using SCCM 2007 and SCUP 2011? I was able to publish this update to sccm and advertised it to my collections, the clients was able to see the advertisement and downloaded the .cab file to the ccm/cache folder fine. However when config manager begins to update, it would failed for no reason (no error message nor error code). I tried to run the cab file from the cache folder manually by double clicking on the file, it somehow open another .msp within the cab file. Strangely enough by running the .msp file manually, the update seems to be working. Has anyone else here seem this problem as well?
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