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  1. Hi everybody, I've not found the solution but I've found the workaround! At the end of the restore and site reinicialization, I've reinstalled the SP2 and everything became OK. The SP2 reinstalled all the services and rebuild all the connections and the SCCM is now working at 100%. Thanks for your help! Eduardo
  2. Hi, I've restored an SCCM 2007 sp2 R2 site for hardware migration in lab invironment without internet connectio. The old config was a 2k3 server with Sql 2005 and I've migrated to a Virtual ESXi 2k8 r2 server again with SQL 2005. We have a Central Site and a child site, both primary in diferent AD's. I've restored the primary site only on the new machine, and all the process went smooth without errors. In the end I did the site reinicialization and again all without errors. I've rebooted the server and after I started checking for errors, and I found that the SMS_COLLECTION_EVALUATOR c
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