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  1. First Time Post here on your forum and have to say your guide was great for getting sccm 2012 up and running. The main problem i seem to be having though is getting the Out of Band working on my test setup. I have tried everything to get it working and browsing google for answers for about a week now. At First i had it saying not detected but made progress by adding the hash to the AMT but still after that i had it only at detected. After a bit more searching i found it was the root hash i needed to enter into AMT which then i seem to be getting them to show up as not provisioned. This is were i am stuck. IT would just never go to provisioned state. Im thinking maybe i need to start from scratch and that it could be my Cetificate Autority that i have set up wrong. Any Ideas would be great or maybe a guide on getting this up and running
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