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  1. Hi everyone... very interesting thing happening when building and capturing Windows 7 machine. I used the Tutorial here with one exception - I integrated Intel e1000 NIC drivers. So the task sequence uses this driver package, instead of the standard drivers. The installation runs fine up to the point where SCCM wants to run sysprep. The task sequence exits prematurly. The logs show that apparently, the account I use for network access has no permission to access the boot image stored in smspkgd$\DEM00006. But when opening the console, I can easily connect to that f
  2. Hi everyone, the error in the thread title occurs on every machine I try to boot via PXE. My setup is as follows: - VMware vSphere - Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise -> SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU13, SCCM 2012, IIS, WDS, etc. - Windows Server 2008 Standard -> DHCP - Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise -> DNS I setup SCCM 2012 according to the tutorial on this forum, which worked fine. Application deployment to existing VMs which are added to collections works fine including superseding. But when I try to boot a new VM via PXE, I get the error message "No entry found in da
  3. Hi Anyweb, no defenetly not. The software mentioned in my other post was named "Mozilla Firefox (en-US) 5". I never use .XY in my name giving. Even after deleting all applications from the application list on the server (as per tutorial here), this particular application still exists in the client software center. I've looked at all logs, they show nothing out of the ordinary and there's no software in the clientcache - it's empty(!). I tried a re-install of the client software but that did nothing either. I also looked if any WMI Class maybe had this application stored but nothing th
  4. Short update: The software was cached in %windir%\ccmcache - after deleting the cache the application was no longer installable, ending prematurly with an error message. The application however, is still in the list and doesn't go away.
  5. Hi everyone, since yesterday, I've had the strange phenomena, that the client software center shows an application which isn't there. There are defenetly no applications on the server! And I never created an application using 5.0 at the end, so I have no idea why this is in the catalog. Crazy thing - I can even install this application. Does anyone have an idea, where this could be coming from? Cheers, Fred
  6. Hey there :-) Thanks for the link :-) I did it a bit differently I think, but it worked. I added FF3 in the supersedence pane of FF5. Then I went to the references pane of FF3 and selected "this application is superseded by" and checked that FF5 was listed. I then deployed FF5. Checking the software center on the client, FF5 imidietly popped up, FF3 was set to "no longer available" and FF5 was automatically installed. :-) Cheers, Fred
  7. Hello there, I've succdessfully set up an SCCM test environment and would now like to test the supersedence function. However, I am not able to get this to work. I have a test scenario, where users have Mozilla FireFox 3 installed and this should be superseded by FireFox 5. I added FF 3 to the supersedence list in FF 5 but nothing happens. The other way around, adding FF 5 to the supersedence list in FF 3 doesn't work either. I am obviously missing something here. Can anyone set me on the right track here? Cheers, Fred
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