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  1. Hi there, First of all thanks for your fast reply. My contentlib folder is located in other drive an not on C:\. Do you have any more Ideas? Thanks in advance,
  2. Hi there, I run SCCM 2012 in a virtual machine environment and it's running without any problem. The thing that I notice is that I'm always increasing drive C without any explanation. The Windows Updates are going to a different drive so this can't be Updates being Downloaded. Is there way to manage the disk space of SCCM and know what's growing without any explanation? Thanks in avance , TOX
  3. Hi There, I'm using SCCM for a quite long time to deploy Windows Updates in my Windows Infrastructure. Now I need to start monitoring the software installed on the computers and I activated this option on my SCCM (and did the changes on the client settings). The problem now is that I can only see some of the software installed. Not every software appear on my lists. For example, I know that almost every workstation uses Lotus Notes Client, and if I do a report for Lotus Notes it only appears 4 installations (it should be hundreds). Another example is Microsoft Office 2010, If I do a report for this software, it only shows a few machines with the software installed (and it should be hundreds). Can someone give me a tip to solve this problem? Thanks in advance,
  4. Hi there, My SCCM 2012 already did updates and I never had a problem. Now, I'm updating some servers, and I'm creating Software Updates Groups to deploy. I download the updates and then I just deploy the updates to the target Device Collection. The problem is that it never starts. I tried to manually start the process but It keeps saying "no items found" on the Software Center. Can someone help me? Maybe I'm forgetting somehting. Thanks in advance,
  5. Because I want to control each update in each server. We have a patch procedure in place for servers and control all steps of the update. We can't update a server without the feedback from the application owner and supplier (if that's the case). There's a lot of steps to do this process. We apply the update on a control envoirenment (quality server that's a copy of the production server) and then we apply to the production system. This is the only way to control the way that updates are being deployed. We use too other tools that makes packages to update third party applications (non microsoft) to be delivered by SCCM (WSUS).
  6. This is a server and it needs to have a controlled update. That's why I created a Collection just for this machine.
  7. Hi there, Thanks for your reply. I just want to do this because there's about 200 updates to do in a specific machine. If I do what your suggesting I think that I need to add the updates one by one am I correct?
  8. Hi There, Is it possible to create a Create Software Update Group Based on a Report result? I need to create this Group based on a "is required" field. Thanks in advance,
  9. I found the problem. When we are imaging wyse devices with SCCM you need to have the double of storage capacy.
  10. Hi There,   We acquired a few Wyse W8S Thinclients that are announced has SCCM 2012 Compatible. They have a tutorial published about all the process and I followed line by line. (please see https://support.wyse.com/OA_HTML/cskatch.jsp;jsessionid=ad165c1457fef44a1c7b2942e46d197c9189d5417cb8e56bc8f732e218e2b438.e34QchyKax8Mai0La3qLe0?fileid=ZGC070C4CB22148A2AEBA029BFF41916F6BDF830C6B75AA396&jttst0=6_23871%2C23871%2C-1%2C0%2C&jfn=ZGB7DB8ADD73594B49BB2ACF79C175D6F3C59B00D0DCD50960CBF392B1BC12633856E0AC448FBD3DC3B598FF2EC60C56467B&PRDE1=kugBZYarbtMBjBxSOFMTPW25fa&PRDE1_pses=ZG91FC227B3F353AF16EACD77C09FE2FBE30EBEFDC4FF45ADA2FCED6FC3826AE610D37D88B97E56C3B1114524660753456&oas=tVbHbYmt7WMl1Ti90GOmPA.. I captured the reference machine and everything works perfectly. Now I have created the Task Sequence to install the captured image (like they refer on the document) but I'm always having errors. I press F8 on WindowsPE and I captured the Log file. I have an error like this "There is not enough disk space left on this machine for staging the content for content XXXXXX" and "The user tries to release a source directory C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\XXXXX that is either already released or we have not connected to it" and even this "Failed to run the action: Apply Operating System. There is not enough space on the disk. (Error: 80070070; Source: Windows)". I don't know what to do to fix this. Tried to look online without any success.     Can someone help me?   Thanks in advance
  11. Hi there, I'm using SCCM 2012, and it was working until a few days ago. I didn't do any change on the configuration but now I'm seeing in CCMEXE.LOG (on the client computer)I see this error "System task 'PolicyEvaluator_Unlock' returned error code 0x8000ffff.". I tried to look for info about this error but everything is very generic. Did anyone had a problem like this? I want to deploy apps that I already deployed to another machines and I can't. Thanks in advance,
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