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  1. Thanks for all your suggestions! I have set a 90 minute timer on the application to install with SCCM and given the users the ability to run independently. I have also sent out comm's to let the user base know what to expect as part of the roll out. Using this route on another package I have included a VB front end to inform the user an application will install over the next hour etc etc and what to expect. This helped pause the job until the user accepts the splash screen (all close function have been hidden) I will probably use this going forward for most big applications. User communication is always the best route forward Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the response. What command line would you use to query that the process is running? I dont want to kill the process as this would also throw the user from there session. Just a query to result whether to proceed with the install or pause until files are not in use would be helpful. Thanks S
  3. Hi all, First post so here goes. Running SCCM 2007 and trying to deploy a newer revision of our SAP gui to about 200 users. The problems arise when I deploy to a machine where the application is installed and in use, the batch removes the currently installed version in the background and throws the user out of the Gui. The application then send SCCM a notification to say successful. Is there any way to make the package wait till the files are not in use before removing? Here is the command line I have used to remove and install the new revision of the gui. REM ***Removal*** "C:\Program Files\SAP\SAPsetup\setup\NwSapSetup.exe" /uninstall /product="ECL710+BW350+KW710+GUI710ISHMED+GUI710TWEAK+JNet+SAPGUI710+SAPBI" /TitleComponent:"SAPGUI710" /IgnoreMissingProducts /silent REM ***Installation*** "%~dp0RSL_SAP_GUI_72_7_20110809_1041.exe" /silent msiexec.exe /i "%~dp0SapGuiAdditionalFiles.msi" RebootYesNo="No" Reboot="ReallySuppress" /qn Thanks for any help on the matter. S
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