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  1. Hi, I have a question about how SCCM control which boot image is using in PXE booting. I have 3 version of boot image A, image B and image C, created in SCCM and copy to the remote DP. The image C is crashed and then I delete the image C and make a new one image D, but I found the PXE boot will use image B not the new one image D. Really no idea about how SCCM manage the boot image? Please help me to get clear. Thank you very much :-)
  2. My company use only one OSD task sequence to deploy both Winxp and Win7 OS. The new bare metal PC should be register into a assets management system, with a few info (MAC,PC name,OS version) Then we can boot from PXE and the PC will apply the right OS version from SCCM. I found there was some variables used in OSD task sequence to define which OS should be applied? But in collection and computer options, I can not find the variables where it was defined? Is there any other way that the variable can be created or defined? thank you very much.
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