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  1. Heeelllllpppp!!!!! I’m currently working on a project where we are converting from zenworks to SCCM2012. Most of the environment consist of Dell 780,760, and a few Latitude series laptops. Most of the Desktop models the majority 780's have had the SATA operation mode changed from the factory default of RAID on to ATA. I used VMware to build reference image and am now using an MDT integrated task sequence to deploy. I have installed the correct driver that corresponds with the SATA operation mode however once driver installation is complete I get caught in a blue screen loop. I have also tried loading the driver that corresponds with the default setting this only work if I change to SATA mode back RAID on however this requires me touching each machine. The task sequence is being advertised to the desktops and initiated within windows(not sure if that makes a difference.) Please Help!! Has anyone seen this???? Thank you
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