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  1. hey, im back. unfortunately with bad news. after trying out all the suggestions, i still receive the same error. i fail to see where i went wrong. i even read the book again (SCCM 2007), but i dont know it just doesnt make sense right now. anymore suggestions? a push in the right direction?
  2. tnx for the advice. im on it. Oh and about the SQL matter, i ran into an error "invalid class 0x80041010". i searched it and managed to fix it. know all i have to do is open the necessary ports maybe restart the server and then hopefully i'll have it up an running. i will keep you posted
  3. I will do that then. but i read that the secondary site does not make use of SQL, do you know anything about that?
  4. thanx for the reply. yes the following ports are open: client requests http (tcp) port 80, client requests https (tcp) port 443, wake on lan (udp) port 9
  5. Hey guys. Im trying to install a secondary site (working with SCCM 2007 R3) which is in a different subnet than its primary. Now the initial setup completes fine (i've checked the configmgr setup log). but then the site remains in peding state. so i check the sender log and this is what I see over and over: sender.txt also i checked the despooler and i see this over and over:despooler.txt So, im confused because i can connect via RDP to the primary server, and i can ping the primary server with its FQDN, so clearly there is something wrong somewhere. i have tried before to manually exchange
  6. me and my senior engineer came up with the solution. check my blog at: http://blog.ntnv.com/duane/2011/09/09/how-to-solve-error-0x80072ee7/ ‎
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