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  1. Peter, Thanks, i missed that one. I think that is what I need. I want to deliver the new laptops with all the software the user is approved for. So I dont lose time when the user is coming to switch his/her laptop. I'm gonna try
  2. Hi, From january 2015 we are getting new laptops. Now I'm looking for a easy way to transfer all users to the new laptops. We use SCCM2012R2. We will be using Windows 8.1. Images are ready, Tasksequences are made and working but here is what I want. We roll out a standard image with some additional software (postinstallation in Tasksequence) like Office2013 and some other generic software. Most of our users have additional software like Adobe CC or Keepass. This software is restricted and users have to a member of a AD security group, so it is available in de Application catalo
  3. Thanks Peter and Jorgen. Jorgens answer is what I was looking for.
  4. Hi, Anybody know a way to embed the Wifi SSID password in the Wifi Profile for our IOS devices. I'm testing this now but I can't find a way, our current solution (McAfee EMM) has this option. Thanks
  5. Finally all is running again. I changed the deployment option (Deployment Type --> Content --> At the bottom) to Download content from Distribution Point and run locally I changed it for al apps in my tasksequence
  6. Morpheus, Thanks for replying but as I mentioned 1 out of 10 is running fine and I've used these apps for a long time with an old image. I'm now building my image again from scratch. See what is happening
  7. Hi, I''m in the proces of building new images. I made 2 new images (captured with tasksequence) Windows 7 with Office2010 or 2013 and 2 new images with windows 7, Adobe CS 55 and Office2010 or Office 2013. This worked fine. Then I made new Tasksequences with the new images and a new Boot image. I also added CU2 for SCCM2012 SP1 to the Taskseqeunce list. All 4 TSQ's are running fine to the point where the applications step (I've got three application installation steps, all with 3 apps in it) begins. From then some installations stop at the first application, some stop at the second or
  8. No 2012. I mean everything under the Packages section in the Software library
  9. Hi, Maybe a stupid question but can I remove the packages once converted to the new application model in SCCM2012 Thanks
  10. Hi, I just installed sccm2012 on Windows2008R2 and a remote SQL server (2008R2). My problem is I can't get the Package Conversion Tool to work. Everytime I run Convert Package (after analyzing) I get an error. (see SMSProv.log and PMTrace.log) I tried different packages (manual and automatic status). None of it will work. On my testenvironment it worked perfectly. As far as I can see my SQL security is also correct. SCCM is installed on a separate instance in SQL. Can someone help. Thanks PcmTrace.log SMSProv.log
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