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  1. so with remote sites that have no SCCM DP, we are looking at how we can automate/light touch/deliver the thick files to these devices We are running 1806, and I understand that Client Peer cache can get the files to a device at that site, still looking for a good guide/white paper that explains how that works. My other question is around OSD at these type of sites that have poor bandwidth and are far from our main campus, are there tools that I need to look at? any help would be massively appreciated
  2. hi there I was wondering if anyone has started rolling out Windows 7 Thin via SCCM ( we use SCCM 2007 sp2 r2 ) and if so if they had any tips or tricks? thanks in advance
  3. hi there We are running SCCM 2007 SP2 R2, and recently have noticed that when distributing software the Advertisement status reports "program received - no further status" However the client has actually installed the software correctly and they can use it i.e. Office 2010 Quick bit of GoogleFu has brought back answers that are similar but the software hasn't deployed. I have checked a local PC execmgr.log and that didn't have any errors, the server's statmsgs inboxes don't have anything in the retry, queue or bad folders. I have even rebooted the SCCM server just in case that was the issue ( straws and clutching ) any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated cheers FJ
  4. hi there I am having major problems trying to build and capture(B&C) a Windows XP device using a Task Sequence. So far I have followed various posts and topics from here and other sites, none have worked. We do have a complex setup where WSUS is used for the production clients and the SUP will be used for the B&C. Computers for the B&C are in a protected OU and are moved after they have been deployed. Task Sequence: step 1 Install Software Updates - have tried both mandatory and all step 2 Restart computer step 3 Install software Updates - have tried both mandatory and all When you build the device it reports it is installing 116 updates and then applies them The logs reports step 1: -2147023436 22795}"' compiled in 'root\ccm\policy\machine' namespace Policy verification done GetIPriviledgedInstallInterface successful Refreshing Updates Successfully initiated RefreshUpdates operation Waiting for RefreshUpdates complete notification from Updates Deployment Agent FALSE, HRESULT=800705b4 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\installswupdate.cpp,1351) WaitForRefreshUpdatesComplete(spInstall), HRESULT=800705b4 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\installswupdate.cpp,1410) RefreshUpdates(), HRESULT=800705b4 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\installswupdate.cpp,998) InstallUpdates(pInstallUpdate, tType, sJobID, ulCookie), HRESULT=800705b4 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\main.cpp,279) Setting TSEnv variable SMSTSInstallUpdateJobGUID= Process(pInstallUpdate, tType), HRESULT=800705b4 (e:\nts_sms_fre\sms\client\osdeployment\installswupdate\main.cpp,349) Timedout waiting for updates refresh complete notification step 2 is ok step 3: repeats the same message. Now when you deploy the device and move it to a normal OU - it shows that 1 update ( 898461 ) is required, you install this and then it shows that it is missing 144+ updates. I have made sure that the SUP has approved the same updates as the Central WSUS world, and even added addtional install updates task sequence later in the list. I have also packaged and added the 898461 update to the Build and Capture task sequence. let me know if you need any further information Any help or advice would be most appreciated. cheers
  5. thanks for posts so far, back from Holiday leave and re-tried this on two devices and still getting the same errors. If I attempt to get the logs from the device I get the following reported no cert available for policy decodingFailed to download policy S0120015-S0100019-DBBBC9D6 (Code 0x80004005). Checking the MS site this informs me the issue is expired PXE certs, but we are still able to deploy to other devices. I have created new Certs but this hasn't helped. Also read somewhere that you should uninstall everything ( SCCM, WDS and PXE boot points ) this just isn't feasable :-) so at the moment my test devices can't run any Task sequences, however other devices can run the Deploy task sequences fine. I have checked the SCCM collections for my devices and can't find them by name or MAC address. Finally my questions are :- 1. are there any other ways to search for a device in the collections 2. are there any ways to reset the cert a device usees or check which one it is using thanks in advance
  6. thanks How do you check what permssions are required to display the list of available task sequences, as I thought that should just appear??
  7. hi there strange issue here, we have been using OSD for several months, and I have decided to update the image file with the lastest updates. PXE boot the device and loads up the Welcome to the Task Sequence Wizard I enter the password and then I get the error message displayed Failed to run task sequence error 80004005 now all of the posts I have found all relate to when you are running an actual task sequence, I don't even get chance to pick one. any help would be appreciated JPUK
  8. hi there I have created a collection that is based on the end user being a member of a group, this works fine select SMS_R_USER.ResourceID,SMS_R_USER.ResourceType,SMS_R_USER.Name,SMS_R_USER.UniqueUserName,SMS_R_USER.WindowsNTDomain from SMS_R_User where SMS_R_User.UserGroupName = "Domain\\UserGroup" However I would like to restrict even further which machines that this is advertised to, so I have limited the collection that the query uses to the one I want. When I run the query I get no results back, remove the collection limit, all is okay. is this possible first of all, and if so what am I missing? any help or advice would be appreciated
  9. hi there long time reader first time poster. We have successfully deployed a number of packages to our SCCM 2007 world, Single server, two AD boundaries, two DP ( let me knowif you need more information ) However today when trying to create a new advertisement for an exisitng program, I am able to create everything ok. When deploying it to the client ( either mandatory or run advertised programs ) the package fails. Both DP have the files on them, and the correct permissions assigned. Advertisement report displays the following PC Corp ME S01 1 10006 Program failed 24/10/2011 12:03:35 S0120113 3 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM The execmgr.log file reports Script for Package:S01000D3, Program: Install failed with exit code 3 execmgr 24/10/2011 12:03:34 2988 (0x0BAC) Raising event: [sMS_CodePage(850), SMS_LocaleID(2057)] instance of SoftDistProgramErrorEvent { AdvertisementId = "S0120113"; ClientID = "GUID"; DateTime = "20111024110334.750000+000"; ExitCode = "3"; MachineName = "PC"; PackageName = "S01000D3"; ProcessID = 2128; ProgramName = "Install"; SiteCode = "S01"; ThreadID = 2988; UserContext = "NT AUTHORITY\\SYSTEM"; }; execmgr 24/10/2011 12:03:34 2988 (0x0BAC) Raised Program Error Event for Ad:S0120113, Package:S01000D3, Program: Install execmgr 24/10/2011 12:03:34 2988 (0x0BAC) Execution is complete for program Install. The exit code is 3, the execution status is FailureNonRetry execmgr 24/10/2011 12:03:34 2816 (0x0B00) any help or advice would be appreciated JP
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