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  1. Hopefully someone may have a simple answer to, so just in the process of testing our new W10 image so not much experience with this O/S as of yet, I have an application that I install via batch file from a shared drive that stops a service while an application is installed and then restart it when completed, been using this batch file with success for a few years on W7, but on W10 I get Access Denied on both net stop and net start. If I right click and select Run As Administrator it just flashes and disappears if I run from the shared drive, and no it does not process as I have a pause in it to see if it completes If I copy the batch file to the desktop and right click and Run As Administrator it runs successfully Ultimately I want to be able to just double click on the batch file and have it run from the shared drive. What do I need to change to avoid having to copy the batch file and using the Run As Administrator option?
  2. Spoke too soon Sysprep goes through but get error 0x80220014 on the reboot, looks like a known issue with the version of ADK.
  3. Thanks Adam Bise this saved the day for me, spent the better part of yesterday trying to get the Capture to run but kept getting sysprep failed, came in early today to have a fresh look at it and deleting the original profile I used to setup and configure W10, worked for me.
  4. This appears to have resolved my issue, I added this patch to my W7 base image https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2990941/update-to-add-native-driver-support-in-nvm-express-in-windows-7-and-windows-server-2008-r2
  5. I put the Toshiba drive into a different model laptop an HP 840 G3 and the image completed but blue screened.
  6. Ok thanks yes they have them available, possible they just don't work may be the case, Odd thing is it does copy the file structure of the O/S to the drive so everything is there, it seems to die as soon as the Applying image 2 has completed chatting with Toshiba now to see if they can provide additional info
  7. Ok so crapped out at the same point after updating boot image. the SMST.log has this info which should not be a problem it does create my 2 partitions as it always does so this part works and has been working for past 4 years System partition not set ApplyOperatingSystem 2/23/2017 10:32:01 AM 1248 (0x04E0) Unable to find the partition that contains the OS boot loaders. Please ensure the hard disks have been properly partitioned Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows) ApplyOperatingSystem 2/23/2017 10:32:01 AM 1248 (0x04E0) which should not be a problem it does create the 2 partitions as it always does so this part works and has been working for past 4 years I will try again I manually deleted both the partitions to wipe the drive this time and start from scratch This is Windows 7 Enterprise same image I have been using for hundreds of machines with no issues
  8. Good point I did not do that, will do it now and let you know.
  9. Received a new model laptop today HP Zbook 15 G3, X9T85UT, but having an issue getting an image loaded, downloaded and imported the drivers with no success. The issue is around the drive that it came with and even on the HP site they do not include a driver for this, it came with a Toshiba XG3 Solid State Drive THNSN5512GPU7 M.2 2280 NVMe 512GB SSDI downloaded an imported the drivers for this directly from Toshiba and still no luck, it errors out right after Applying image, with generic code 0x80004005 If I remove this dive and put in a standard 2.5" drive it works ok and if I install a M.2 2280 Samsung drive my image loads ok as well so looks like it is just driver issue with this specific drive, any one using this particular model and can let me know what drivers they have had success with?
  10. Windows 7 x64 Enterprise
  11. Looking for some assistance, I have never had the need to import Mass storage drivers for any of the HP laptops that we have been deploying in the past, this week I received in a HP Z240 Tower Workstation that I need to image but it is blue screening after applying drivers I know it has something to do with the Samsung PCI storage device, if i remove this drive and put in a standard sata drive I can image successfully, The problem I am having is that I can import the drivers successfully and create a package but in the task sequence I select Apply Driver Package and then check the box to Select the Mass Storage driver I do not get any entries in the drop down box to select a driver. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the input I upgraded boot.wim to 10.0.10586.0 and found I was unable to import W10 drivers, turns out i had to apply a hotfix to the server "Windows6.1-KB2837108-v4-x64" located here https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/kb/3025419 After this was was able to import and update the boot image with Win 10 driver version - E1D65x64.INF Thanks again for your suggestions to put me on the right track.
  13. Thanks I am using boot image 10.0.10240.16384
  14. Hello, I received in a new version of an HP Laptop this week the 850G3, it has an Intel I219-LM NIC, I have tried downloading and updating my Boot image with various versions of other recommended drivers but have not been able to get this laptop to work, keeps coming up failed to find a valid network adaptor. Anyone using this model laptop and have been able to get it to work? I have tried drivers direct from Intel site as well as the the winpe10 drivers from HP Thanks in advance!
  15. Any suggestions on how to get this working I am trying to configure it as well but no success, I have auditing for account logon events and logon events enabled which are required as well.
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