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  1. Hi all, very new to SCCM. I just came back from the 5 day MOC training course and now my employer assumes that I'm an SCCM expert and is dumping a bunch of SCCM things in my lap. For one, I need to use DCM to create a compliance report for a list of items that part of a server deployment. Easy enough, in concept, but being a newbie to DCM and SCCM it might take me longer or more brain steaming to get this done than most. One of the items I am curious about is what's the best method to use DCM to check to see if a server has an interface with a DHCP address? I was thinking of using the registry and looking in the tcpip parameters, interfaces, "interface", DhcpAddress string. Then I would need to base compliance on whether that string is present or not, so that means it should be an application CI? Also, the interfaces subkeys are all cryptic names that Windows uses to identify the interface and are unique to each server. Can I use a wildcard like parameters\interfaces\*\ ? Or is there a better way altogether to do this with DCM that does not use the registry? Thanks!
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