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  1. Hi , Can the above be modified and be made with the below requirements ? When i open the report it should open the screen with options for collection id - however it should not show all the collections. only the collections i want bulletin ID and article ID - not all the ID.but only the ID's i want What changes i need to be make in the script so that it shows a set of collections and bulletin ID ?
  2. Update handler Content Text = <Content ContentId="3010f0b6-378e-4054-b1c0-3559c4553ed9" Version="1"><FileContent Name="ie7-windowsxp-kb2647516-x86-nld.exe" Hash="D885FE00ABA7A3AD9DF8B81CDA4C2BCB730AAB8A" HashAlgorithm="SHA1" Size="9281408"/></Content> ]LOG]!><time="04:02:00.470+-60" date="03-14-2012" component="UpdatesHandler" context="" type="1" thread="3732" file="updatepolicy.cpp:349"> <![LOG[First need to check contents availability]LOG]!><time="04:02:00.470+-60" date="03-14-2012" component="UpdatesHandler" context="" type="1" thread="3732" file="u
  3. Hi, I set up the deployment templates and deployment management. In one of the two test workstations i set up for the updates to be installed, i see one of them has the folder in CCM ( from deployment package) but not the patch itself. In another the SUP icon pops up but it could not install as there is no deployment package folder in the CCM folder I dont think it could be a client issue as software distribution through RAP works for normal software packages without any problem THE WUA Handler just say's 'succesfuly completed scan' Where should i be looking at ?
  4. Hi Peter, I need to run a script on hundreds of machines.This script would delete the files from a particular folder on a weekly basis and on a particular time.Is my follwing steps right ? 1) Create a scheduled task using vbscript or powershell.This would also take care that it runs when the user is logged on 2) Deploy the script using SCCM Or 2) Deploy the script using Group policy All the workstattions are connected to the network all the time.
  5. Hi, What is the best way to make sure files from a folder is regularly deleted ? A script that would do that which can be deployed using SCCM or a script that would be deployed by SCCM that will make use of Task Scheduler ?
  6. Hi, I have created a test collection based on AD group.The AD group was also created by me which has 5 windows 2008 servers.These servers show up in all systems and windows 2008 collection However when i update the test collection based on a query that has the AD group name it gives only two of the five servers listed in the group.If the query is wrong it should be blank right ? Why it gives two of the five instead of five when the test collection is updated ? Do i need to use a discovery method ? I am bit confused because the servers already exist in all systems and windo
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