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  1. Hi, A quick Question... I am following the build and capture guide on the site... it is taking a while to format the c drive which is 500 GB, I assume thats the reason why its taking longer? Also when setting up the task sequence it said add the machine to the workgroup. Once the wim file is ready then can I add the machine to the Domain via another task sequence ? is this so that the task sequence can do a sysprep and rid the machine of any names and SID etc ? Thanks Joyce
  2. Hi, first of all thank you for the reply. I need to deploy Windows 7 Enterprise as going forward we will be using Bitlocker. I wanted to try the build and capture method but I think i was missing a few steps so couldnt finish it successfully. Thank you for the link to the guide i will try it now and let you know how it goes. Regards, Joyce
  3. Hi need help with sccm I followed the Professor Messer videos on youtube and created the image used imagex to capture. I could not map a share drive although the drivers were installed and folder was shared so i used a memory stick instead and captured the image successfully I did a sysprep before running imagex. The Task sequence runs fine but all the machines get the same name, i.e., name of the captured machine and it doesnot add the machine to the domain either. But once the machine is built if i do a sysprep on the machine it goes through rest of the process and adds the machine to the domain. Where did i go wrong Also I imported the machines with their mac address and pre assigned names using a csv file. This is the first time em using SCCM I have been told that the person who managed the SCCM earlier didnt have to chage anything it worked perfectly. I am using the task sequence made by him only change is the create partion bit as we are going to use bitlocker I really need to get it working asap as I have 100 laptops to build this week Please help
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