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  1. Hi Eric, Of course there are several ways to install the agent on Windows clients. For example: -Active Directory GPO -Manual push in the SCCM console -Auto push per SCCM -Manual per command line -As a Windows Update from WSUS Christian
  2. Hi Peter! Thanks for your response. Yes, you're right to changing the the first boot device to the first harddisk. The thing is that we've decided that we want to have the NIC as first boot device, in case we need to refresh a machine on a different time zone when nobody is in the office. This fact also exlude the PXE password When there is no way to see who clears the PXE flag, does anybody know how I can prevent that somebody clicks on a collection and clears for all included ressources the PXE flag? Thanks! Christian
  3. Hi everybody! We have a SCCM 2007 R2 environment with nearly 20 secondary sites under 1 central site. Now it comes to security permissions delegations to the local admin at the local sites that they can do their Windows 7 Rollout. I created a security structure in SCCM with a flat hierarchie of groups in the AD. For the moment it works fine. A few days ago we had the situation that seems to clear all PXE flags to the "All Systems" collections. Many machiens that will get an OS over a Task Sequence were still in the OS Deployment collection (mandentory advertised), that means that these m
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