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  1. I am trying to patch a 6 node SQL Geo cluster. The trick is to ensure that location 1 always maintain's node majority. In order to do that 3 of the servers need to be online and hold Majority. I need to be able present the windows updates to all the SQL servesr and have me manually start the install process and reboot. This way I will ensure node majority is never lost. If i do this automatically I might lose majority if the server are all in different parts of the reboot cycle thus bringing the cluster down. What settings do I need for my advisement to ensure the servers in a collection can see the updates but I control the download, install, and reboot of the servers manually? Location 1 SQLServer01 SQLServer02 SQLServer03 SQLServer04 Location 2 SQLServer05 SQLServer06 TIA
  2. Hello, I think we got windows updates to work. The only issue is atm if a computer needs updates it prompts to install or not. We want it so there is no prompt it just installs once it finds updates. What am I missing? I followed the guide on this website and I know I am missing something stupid. Below is a screen shot from a PC in the collection set to get this deployment template.
  3. Hello all, My co worker have inherited SCCM as our SME has moved on. I though i read that SCCM client will pull windows updates from SCCM server which have "ConfigMgr software update point" roll enabled? Is this correct? If so do i then need a GPO pointing workstations to the server with that roll? I though i read somewhere that with SCCM there is no need to push a GPO pointing to an internal windows update server. Can someone please confirm this for me? Last of all where can I check client settings like in GPO on when/ how windows updates should be applied? TIA
  4. Hi I am new to SCCM and still try to figure this beast out. I found a report and want to know how do i add a prompt for a collection to it Report 1 breaks down chassis type of a collection. Question 1) How do I make Report one Prompt me for a collection? Currently I have it hard coded (in red) Report 1 Start.......................... Select CN.Name 'Collection Name', Case SE.ChassisTypes0 When 1 Then 'Other' When 2 Then 'Unknown' When 3 Then 'Desktop' When 4 Then 'Low Profile Desktop' When 5 Then 'PizzaBox' When 6 Then 'Mini-Tower' When 7 Then 'Tower' When 8 Then 'Portable' When 9 Then 'Laptop' When 10 Then 'Notebook' When 11 Then 'Handheld Device' When 12 Then 'Docking Station' When 13 Then 'All-In-One' When 14 Then 'Sub-Notebook' When 15 Then 'Space Saving' When 16 Then 'Lunch Box' When 17 Then 'Main System Chassis' When 18 Then 'Expansion Chassis' When 19 Then 'Sub-Chassis' When 20 Then 'Bus Expansion Chassis' When 21 Then 'Peripheral Chassis' When 22 Then 'Storage Chassis' When 23 Then 'Rack-Mount Chassis' When 24 Then 'Sealed PC' Else 'Unknown' End 'Chassis Type', Count(*) 'Chassis Count' From v_Collection CN Join v_FullCollectionMembership CM on CN.CollectionID = CM.CollectionID Join v_R_System SD on CM.ResourceID = SD.ResourceID Join v_Gs_System_Enclosure SE on SD.ResourceID = SE.ResourceID Where CN.Name = 'All Systems' Group By CN.Name, SE.ChassisTypes0 Order By CN.Name Report 1 End..........................
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