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  1. I also got this error after remove the wds, and uninstall the DP--> add the wds, and install the DP.
  2. I also got this mistake too on sccm2012RC, not sure the reason. could any one help to resolve this issue.
  3. HI all, Today, I try to test the PXE function on SCCM 2012, but failed. Could anyone help me? This is the environment: OS: WINDOWS2008R2, SCCM: SCCM2012 RC AD: installed on the same machine DHCP: installed on the another machine, it works when using sccm2007 WDS: added this role, but not configure it. PXE: enabled this function. Boot Image: add it to the DP, and select this checkbox " Deploy this boot image from the PXE service point" Task sequence: do not do any task, just select the boot image for testing, and deploy it. Errors: client prom
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