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  1. Well I created a new task sequence with the SP3 install, but now the deployment cant find the distribution that is associated to the operating system install package. i've checked and double checked that it is there. Any ideas on how I could check to make sure the distribution point is working correctly? Thanks for all your help.
  2. Thanks. I will see if I can obtain a copy and try it.
  3. Thanks, but at the moment I feel I am stuck in this position. The desktops we have are 7 years old that was the operating system that came with them at the time. We are trying to use these as long as possible to cut down on costs. The systems are experiencing major slowdowns and I would like to re-install them as this seems to give the system a good fresh start and greatly improves the performance. So to do this it needs to be simple quick process (as little steps as possible). Unless I'm mistaken, I didn't think I could use the licensce key I had for the SP1a install on an SP3 install, c
  4. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm pulling my hair out at this point. I've even tried capturing the operating system image from a working machine, but it locked up during the capturing process, so it seems like anyway I go I'm running into problems. Please give me any suggestions you have even if it means completely starting over and going a different route.... Thanks.
  5. After much further testing I have found the following, but stil no luck in getting the machine to install. I've tried several different options on the network driver thinking it was the main issue, but it looks like it may be related to this. When I view the pnplog.txt file when the installation hangs at 34 minutes (which it always hangs at 34 minutes, and sorry I did not mention that before) and it lists these devices as windows having issues with: [EnumeratedDevices] USB\ROOT_HUB20\4&17b52014&0=USB Root Hub PCIIDE\IDEChannel\4&35a02b9b&0&0=Primary IDE Channel PCII
  6. Hello all, I'm using SCCM 2007 SP2 to do some test deploying of Windows XP SP1a to a Dell SX270 desktop machine. I've successefully deployed this package (minus the driver which I'll discuss in a minute) to a vmware virtual machine. For the, the package deploys and it does finish the installation of XP and seems to get to the point of bringing up the logon screen for windows, but it goes to blue screen with the mouse icon there that you can move around, but it doesn't respond to any keyboard pressing. I can restart the machine and it does come back up to the windows login screen, but it
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