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  1. need some advice... more specifically, some direction... I have a situation where I have to image a machine to Win 7 Enterprise but need the machine to automatically set every new network as a Private(Work) network. This has to be part of the initial image due to the configuration of the networks at our remote locations. I am using standalone image media created with SCCM2012 because each of our remote locations has its own individual ISP which are not connected to our CAS. We install a lightweight, no-touch VPN software to connect them back to our main office (and CAS) at the end of the
  2. please, is there no one who can provide me with some direction? is there some other solution I could try; am I just missing something? I was able to make this work in SCCM2007 using similar TS methods... I'm getting desperate at this point - I am happy to provide any log files or documentation necessary to work through this problem.
  3. I apologize for omitting the log files that might be necessary to solicit the help previously requested. I can see in the log file where the ApplyNetwork Settings step failed, I just need some help understanding what went wrong... (see log time 3:16:58 PM) I thank you all in advance for any assistance that can be provided. smsts-20140312-152729.log smsts.log
  4. Let me start by saying Thank you! for writing such awesome tutorials - you guys rock! I have somewhat of a unique (at least I think it's unique) situation. I have several remote sites that all have their own local ISPs - these sites are not networked to the point of being able to access the CAS directly. We are using Win 7 Enterprise so we can take advantage of MS DirectAccess and/or a 3rd party zero touch VPN client. My trouble(s) are this: I need to upgrade some Windows XP SP3 machines that reside in these 'independent' sites to Windows 7 Enterprise. I have created a TS on Standalon
  5. maybe i'm not being clear enough with my question, let me try again. Here's what I've done so far... 1. I loaded windows 7 pro sp1 onto a test computer. 2. I configured it with all the custom software, applications, drivers, etc. 3. I used to sysprep to create a generalized OOBE image and then I captured a customized .wim file with imagex. 4. I created a bootable Flash drive and copied all the same files and folders found in the original Windows 7 Pro SP1 ISO to the flash drive and overwrote the original install.wim file with the customized one i captured in #3 above. 5. I have been
  6. okay, so then i guess i'm a little confused as to how the tutorial would change for someone who already has a customized .wim file that is ready to be deployed. I was reading the tutorial at http://www.windows-n...ploy-windows-7/ and trying to figure out where the process would ultimately differ... if i copy the files that i'm currently using to install windows 7 pro manually, then all the files i would want to distribute/deploy would be included in that folder. Is there a tutorial of how to create a deployment of Windows 7 using just the standard default OS files that would have been incl
  7. Hello, love the site, lots of good information.... Firstly, I'm new to SCCM 2007 and I've been tasked with deploying Win 7 Pro across our company to the remote sites of which there are many. I work in our corporate offices and have been installing/upgrading our users to Windows 7 as machines are replaced. I used WAIK to create a bootable UFD and have been using that to install a custom WIM that I created and captured using Win7's native sysprep. My custom .WIM files contain user/role-specific software packages. I have multiple installs based on departmental requirements and some of the
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