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  1. I am not able to select the language while deployment, it is a custom reference image I have created. the option is showing blank. Here are the details. 1) i have run Sysprep , captured the image with "dism /capture-image /imagefile:c:\win10refimg.wim".(not via MDT capture) 2) Copied the image to MDT and added to the operating system with the "custom image file" option. 3) Deployed the image via USB and Lan and at the language selection page, it is blank and cannot go further.i have also tried to add the language option in custom and bootstrap ini file but it doesn't make any changes i have one more task seq for fresh OS installation and it is working properly. is there any other steps need to carry out while deploying a captured image? or i need to capture through MDT only for deploying a custom image? i also tried to add the "Operating system-custom image -Copy Win 7 Win serv or later from a specified path" but it copied the entire OS file again. please help to resolve this.
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