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  1. I need help to know when a pc installed Forefront Endpoint discovers a virus as it communicates with the sccm database and that table type. Thank you very much.
  2. For two weeks I get to mail alerts client computers. I have checked the settings "E-mail settings" Forefront protection is also correct that when using the "Test and Close" I get the mail without problems. The net I found the "Fep alert timing" that is: 1.A virus is detected 2.DCM uploads the data to SCCM DB In that table stores this data? 3.A SQL Server Agent job reads the SCCM DB for data and writes it to the FEP DW / reporting DB 4.The FEP service running on the SCCM server monitors the FEP Reporting DB 5.The FEP server sends e-mail alerts According To The settings for alerts configured in SCCM / FEP In the database, under "Views" dbo.vwAN_Alert_MalwareDetectionHistory_all 1099 records but also I have just registered for 2 weeks. The problem is that not happened in this failure and not detect it. It may be that customers are reporting no detection? In the event viewer of the server in the Forefront Endpoint Protection not see any error, just two weeks ago that does not display the message information detected virus. Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition SP2, SQL 2005 9.00.4035 Thank you very much and greetings
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    Computer model

    Hello friends, I have a query which shows me the models of pc's (SMS_G_System_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.model), so far all Dell computers, HP, IBM, I showed good model, but with the new Lenovo I get a number and not the model. Using an external application (NEWT Professional) I realized that there is a field (System Version) which shows me the model (ThinkCentre A70) LENOVO computers. That attribute can be the field? Perhaps this program get this data differently? This data is obtained by WMI? thank you very much
  4. Your query does not work, Eswar Koneti
  5. I had to change the option from Asset Intelligence SMS_InstalledSoftware. Once activated launch a full inventory of all computers and I can create querys with this option. Thank you Peter33 very much has been of great help.
  6. I want to do in one query with computers that have Microsoft Project 32 bits and 64 bits using the following results: Class: System Resource - attribute: Name Class: Add/remove programs - attribute : Display Name Class: Add/remove programs (64) - attribute : Display Name it is possible? thanks
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