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  1. I did see that error all along but SQL is functioning normally and there is no hard quota set. There is space and content should distribute.
  2. I tried updating the source folders to include the FQDN and the same errors remain. See last distmgr.log
  3. FS3 is a file server running Windows 2012 R2. I originally used a local share on the PRI server but got same type errors. This client uses sophos for AV.
  4. I have recently installed SCCM 1511 for a client. Everything is working as expected with the exception of Deployment Packages failing to distribute to the 2 DP's. All other content that has been created from boot images to WIM files to Adobe applications distribute just fine. Content is stored on the local host. The environment consists of 1 PRI server and 2 DP's all in the same physical location and all VM's running Server 2012 R2. The Distmgr.log is attached. I have discovered that if i add my 2 SCCM Admin Groups (site server and admins) to the shares permissions both security and NTFS the updates appear successful downloading but fail to distribute. If I remove those permissions the content appears to fail to download but the 0 MB Deployment package shows green for distribution. I have tried putting the deployment package share on a file server share and i get the same results. any help would be appreciated. Paul distmgr.log
  5. All of my updates in the repository are greyed out. Can anyone help with this ?
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