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  1. I recently took over management of a few environments which have security locked down so internet access is not allowed. The problem that I am running into is misc server related functions trying to access the internet and locking up until the connection times out. This is usually related to validation of certificates for programs, dll files, and so on. How can I make things act properly without the online validation? For instance a custom IIS application locks up for the first 60 seconds or so because it is trying to validate certificates of dll files being loaded into memory. Now on the domain I have disabled the following checks via GPO: Check for server certificate revocation Check for publisher's certificate revocation They seem to have set on the servers but we still see large amounts of latency restarting IIS and performing some admin operations in Windows. Is there a setting that I am missing? Does anyone have ideas on how to essentially let Windows and applications know they are offline and to cut out the checks? Thanks All
  2. Hello all I am trying to learn all I can about SCCM for future employment however at this time I have no access to push patches using it. From time to time I am asked to patch multiple system and doing them one by one is a pain. I have been unable to find anything which was helpful and had some type of logging for patches so I punched this up. Eventually I will be expanding on it and will have some error control when the execution of the script fails but I am still working on that. If anyone has some input on it please let me know. Until then enjoy and I hope it helps you out. RemInstall.zip
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