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  1. Hi My OSD TS is working fine - when it is finished,agent is installed on client machine (as MSI during the OSD TS),but i cannot send any ather task/deployment on that client.I have checked the client and it shows Client certificate : None and in Actions pane are only 2 actions (machine policy & eval. and user policy & eval. retrieval cycle) all others are missing.Also all of the Components are installed,but only Software Distribution agent is Enabled.I have try to reinstall the client from console - it is reinstalled (ccmsetup.exe is running on machine),but it stays unchanged.Only way how to get client work is uninstall the client from PC completely (ccmsetup.exe /uninstall) and than push client from console - than it shows Client certificate : Self-signed,in Actions pane are all of the actions and most of the components are in status Enabled and i can send any task/deploy to this client. I didnĀ“t find any settings on Manager Client package i could check or in OSD TS... Can anyone help me with this please? Thanks
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