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  1. Hi, How can I reset the component status in SCCM 2012 (RTM)? I have a component related to a distribution point that is critical but there are NO critical message inside, and no warning too. I've already reset counts from the interface but nothing is changed? I've also try tried to restart related services but nothing. These is any way to hard reset that counts? It seems very annoying bug.... thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I have created a task sequence for Windows 7 deploy and also a deployment associated to a collection that include "All Systems" devices but, in this scenario the task sequence appear in Software Center in all computer of my organization. How can I hide this task sequence from Software Center? I want that this task sequence will be available only from PXE and not form SCCM Software Center. Thanks in advance to all
  3. I see on wikipedia that the RTM version was released last 31 march. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_Center_Configuration_Manager could someone confirm that?
  4. Hi, When I try to run a user state capture task sequence on a Windows XP computer I have an error in scanstate.exe (error 0x00004005). If I try to run the task on Windows 7 It run correctly. I've found this topic that state that there is a khown issue with XP and SCCM 20007 (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrosd/thread/25df4a91-93e3-4e04-b863-f7af1adba9ef/). My question is: This issue exist also with SCCM 2012? the problem seems the same described for SCCM 2007? Thanks in advance M.
  5. I have the same problem in migration from XP to 7. I seems that usmt ver4 has problem ti run under windows xp If I run the task in a source Pc with Win7 it run correctly...
  6. And how can I disable auto-site assignment in SMS ???
  7. Hi all, In the same environment I have SMS 2003 active with AD publishing enabled and SCCM 2012 RC2 with AD publishing option disabled. To migrate a client between SMS 2003/SCCM 2012 I have created a script that unistall SMS client and that install SCCM 2012 client with the property SMSSITE and SMSMP related to the SCCM site. My question is: When the new client will be installed with the specific site assignment properties it can communicate with its SCCM site or AD publishing enabled for SMS will continue to send the client though SMS site published in AD? Manually site assignment have the precedence over automatic AD assignment or not? thanks in advance M.
  8. my question is: When CCMHOST property is set is mandatory that SCCM AD publishing is enabled in order to allow the clients to recognize if they are on internet o intranet? In my environment I have 1 MP for intranet that allow HTTP connection and another one dedicated on internet (with HTTPS connection) that are in the same forest (Internet MP is published externalli with an ISA server) If I disable the Active Directory publishing of SCCM, clients belive to be always on internet connection, so my conclusion is that perhaps SCCM using Active Directory for establish where the clients are located. If not what is the the right workflow made for clients in order to identify their location? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi all There are more information about the planned RTM release date? Recent news says april but I don't know if this can be true. Somebody have some much reliable information about it? thanks in advance M.
  10. Hi all, firstly I would to thank you for the very usefull material that is it possible to find on this forum, Great! I have a problem with the installation of SCCM 2012 client in environment in which there is not AD publishing enabled and in which clients have to communicate both with a MP dedicated to intranet connection and another one MP dedicated to Internet connection (with auto-switch when clients are out of intranet). The client has not a valid certificate installed yed. I've tried with the command line: ccmsetup.exe /mp:Intranet-MP SMSSITECODE=XXX SMSMP=Intranet-MP FSP=Intranet-FSP CCMHOSTNAME=fqdn-Internet-MP but che client don't reach to find the assigned site. Looking in the LocationServices.log file seems that the client have all the correct properties but he believe to be in Internet because there are some entries like: "Failed to send site information request message to Intranet-MP". If I try with the same command line but without CCMHOSTNAME property all work fine. My questions are: - when I specify the CCMHOSTNAME properties all the communications will be necessary on HTTPS, also through Intranet MP? If yes the issue can be caused by the absence of certificate on the client - during OS Deploy task sequence if I want to install any application packages is mandatory to install also the SCCM client before the tasks dedicated to install applications or is possible to include applications installation also without the task that installs SCCM client? - If in OS deploy is mandatory to include SCCM client installation, how can I specify all the properties necessary to both internet & intranet connection without having client certificate installed yet? During OS deploy my clients have not received certificate yet. Thanks in advance to everyone M.
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