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  1. Figured it out. The driver included in the Dell driver pack didnt want to work in any automated sence even though it had an INF file and would work if you pointed device manager to it. Instead I downloaded the individual driver for the Nvidia Quadro 600 off of the Dell website which had a different number to one in the big driver cab. Added that driver to the driver pack and it now all works. It's the first time I've known a Dell driver pack (Big ass cab file that includes all drivers for that model Dell) to not work fully.
  2. Hi, I have a Win7 image that I use to deploy to various Dell PC's. I use driver packages to insert the drivers for the various models. This all works fine except for a new Precision T1600 we've purchased. For some strange reason the driver package doesnt seem to be working. Well to ber honest im not sure if the whole driver package is failing or if it's just one driver. After running the OS task sequence im left with only 1 device without drivers which is the VGA card but it could be that the whole package doesnt work and that Windows happens to have the drivers for everything else built in. Anyway! I run the OS task sequence via PXE and it deploys and I even see the driver package being applied. Afterwards I find the VGA card doesnt have any drivers and is running in a basic mode. If I then point device manager to the exact distribution folder on my SCCM server where the driver package is located it picks up the drivers fine and installs the vga card. I'm very confused. I've read things about invalid characters in file/folder names being the problem but I've had a good look around and cant find anything. My driver packages are made using the Dell driver CAB files where all drivers are within one CAB file and I extract them. I've done this for lots of models. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, as the subject suggests im struggling to deploy XP sp3 x86 to an Optiplex 745 because of mass storage drivers. I can happily deploy the same XP image to other Optiplex such as the 755 or 760 and inject their mass storage drivers because their drivers are available as a download from Dells website. The 745 drivers are built in Windows. When I put an image on a 745 SCCM is obviously making XP look in a different folder for drivers then the central windows drivers and doesnt find anything and I get the BSOD. http://en.community..../wiki/2561.aspx The above URL shows a list of mass storage drivers for Optiplex but if you see the text the 745 isnt listed as the drivers are on the xp cd. http://en.community....driver-cab.aspx I have also tried the XP Desktop combo drivers in the URL above. I've been through every driver in the list and nothing works. I have even tried creating a sysprep.inf file containing only the below text and adding it into the "Apply Operating System" section of the task sequence. [sysprepMassStorage] PCI\CC_0101=%WINDIR%\inf\mshdc.inf I have also tried a program such as "Driver Magician Lite" to backup the mass storage drivers from a functioning 745. I can import the backed up drivers into SCCM but when I try to add them to the task sequence the drop down menus are empty unlike other mass storage drivers I've done in the past. If I put an XP sp3 cd in the drive and manually install it will work fine. This has been slowly driving me crazy the last few months. Optiplex 755 and upwards = fine. I imagine I'd also have trouble with an Optiplex GX620 which would also be included in Windows but I havent tried yet. Somebody please save me from this madness.
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