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  1. Yes, I am using the same boot image that I used to set up PXE. The instruction you provided above seems to use the CD copy the inside content to the USB drive. I mount my .iso file, using an .iso mount program (virtual clone), then copy everything to the Jump Drive. Anyway, I did try your steps, and same error.
  2. I wish to test SCCM 2012 and wishing to use it to replace SCCM 2007. Right now, we already have SCCM 2007 running as production. It deploys Windows 7 daily and updating our homebrew applications. Since we need SCCM 2007 running until SCCM 2012 can go fully in production, I want to know if it is okay to have SCCM 2012 co-exist with SCCM 2007 in the same network. We are not planning to migrate SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012. Instead, we will do a clean setup and clean database for SCCM 2012. Our SCCM 2007 is a mess. I need to make sure whatever I am doing with SCCM 2012 will not break SCCM 2007. Is it possible? If so, is there anything I need to watch out? Thanks! CiCi
  3. I am not too familiar with SCCM 2007. My goal is trying to make a bootable media (with network access), so my local lab guy can deploy Windows ThinPC (WES 7) to machines. I do not want him to use/touch the configuration manager console. I just want him to be able to copy an .iso from me to multiple jump drives, then deploy the new OS to machines. So, in SCCM 2007, I right click on my Task Sequence --> Create Task Sequence Media. I select the 2nd "Bootable media" SCCM made it in .iso then I extracted it to a jump drive. I plugged in the jump drive into my destination computer, and boot from it. Then, I get the following error message: "Unable to read task sequence configuration disk. For more information, please contact your system administrator or help desk operator." I google the error message online and see what's the issue. I found this link. It mentioned about checking and see if the network card driver is running. Sure enough, when I do ipconfig, it is not showing anything. But, if I do PXE boot, same boot image, it will boot just fine. In case I missed anything, I went back to SCCM 2007 and import the LAN drivers into the boot image. After rebuilding the boot image, same error message. So, I researched more, and found this link. It mentioned to run “wpeinti.exe”, it will load the network adapter. Then, run “x:\sms\bin\i386\TsBootShell.exe” to relaunch. Unlike the description in that link, mine did not kick off the build process. Instead, I got another error message: “The instruction at 0x77057a1f referenced memory at 0x00000028. The memory could not be written. Click on OK to terminate the program.” Now, I am stuck. I tried manually inject the network drivers into boot image, no help. I manually put the sleep command into the boot image, no help. I attached my smsts.log if that will help. Please help! Thanks! smsts.log
  4. Thanks! I will look into that. I just got a "suggestion" from my project manager: why don't you try to do it with SCCM 2012, start from a clean server? Haha, I had to hold my jaws from dropping to the ground. New question: is it possible to run 2 versions of SCCM at the same time???? Do I just assign a new site code to the SCCM 2012??
  5. Hi All, I am a total noob on SCCM, came from the world of MDT. I just received a new project to work on: Upgrade all existing 1000 machines from Vista to Win 7. I have been using MDT to manage and update Vista image for OS deployment. Our SCCM 2007 was set up and been used for Win 7 deployment for a pilot group of 20 people. The person who managed SCCM 2007 left the company months ago. This SCCM is now kinda become my responsibility. Things are great until I got a new project: upgrade every machine in the company. Things are not as bad when you only manage OS deployment to 20 machines. I can key in a MAC address for each deployment. Now, I find that is “impossible” for 1000 machines. A co-worker of mine told me that before the Win 7 pilot, they used to do OS deployment through a boot menu. First, they press F12, boot from PXE. Then, a menu (like a BIO menu, black background, white text) will come up. The technician can select whatever image they want to load on the computer. That is what I want to do for this Win 7 upgrade for all 1000 machines. I just don’t want to key in 1000 MAC addresses. I have a feeling that someone will key in the wrong MAC address and computer will get wiped after a restart. As you can see that I am really a noob to SCCM. MDT will retire after Win 7 is out to everyone. I know how to do it with MDT, but not with SCCM. I did use the guide Anyweb wrote about Win 7 deployment. I got that working, but putting a MAC address is still required. I tried to search on google. But I don’t even know what words to use. Does anyone know what am I trying to do?? Anyone knows how to do it?? Any step by step instruction? I am a noob noob on SCCM. Many Thanks!!
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