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  1. Can anyone tell me how to join a Windows 10 device to Azure AD during an MDT build? The only what I can see of doing it is using the command below but not sure of how to pass the object and device id into the join https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/azuread/v2/new-azureaddevice
  2. Hi Hope someone can give me some guidance. I can't get configuration items to work with VMs for certain settings. I can use WMI / Powershell for most of the settings I want but some such as whether a disk is dynamic or not I believe can only be gathered from the SCVMM server. When I run my powershell script on the VM it works perfectly. However when I run it as a configuration item it fails with error code 0x87d00329 "Application requirement evaluation or detection failed" Attached is the script I am running. Hope someone can help or tell me a better way to do it Thanks JT CI.txt
  3. Hi Any chance of getting that guide anyweb? I need to do mine soon and have followed all your guides so far and have had no issues. Would like to keep it all the same Thanks J
  4. Are there going to be any guides about SCOM2012 being released?
  5. thanks for the advice David and resources it is greatly appreciated
  6. Hi Can someone direct me to some more information about primary sites in 2012? I have a few questions - What happens if lose my primary site? Do I need to have two for redundancy? - Can primary sites replicate with each other? - Can a client be moved between primary sites? thanks J
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