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  1. Hi All. I need some urgent assistance with SCCM and Parent-Secondary Site Servers. In SCCM, there is a Parent Server and different Site Servers. The Site server was replaced with a new server and instead of Re-Downloading the packages again from the Parent SCCM Server, I copied all the .PCK files from the old Site Server to the new Site Server into the SMSPKG Folder. Once this is done, the Site Server is not getting the Packages Info from the Parent Server. I tried the following: 1. Tried using the PreInst.exe command on the Parent SCCM to Re-Sync the Site Server. It did run successfully but nothing happened. 2. Tried using the PreLoadPkgOnSite.exe Tool and it gave error: Failed to get specified package in the database. Please check if you have Instance rights to that package. I have added the user in the Security in SCCM and also given Explicit Package Instance privileges. 3. I have noticed that not all the .pkg files are present in the folder ..SMS\inboxes\distmgr.box. I am not sure if they are suppose to and how to get them in there if they are missing. There are a few .pkg files and when I run the tool I get the error: Failed to get the Compressed file of the Package. When I try and redistribute the package from the Parent to that Site, it sits in Install Pending forever and doesn’t push the package to the Site. Please help. I have checked so many google pages but still issue not resolved. Thanks.
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