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  1. Hi, I apologize if I am posting in the wrong section, but I really need some help. We have SCCM 2007 R2 for our environment of 1500 clients. I have recently pushed the monthly updates released by Microsoft on all the machines. I recently observed that a few of machines (only Vista) are getting removed from domain i.e. no user is able to log in that machine. It shows password incorrect for all the accounts. Then we have to remove the LAN Cable and the user(local admin) is able to log in and every time he\she has to do the same. I tried restoring the machine but no luck. Can anyone ple
  2. Strange thing happened this weekend. All the healthy clients are now showing No client installed. Also I am unable to repair the clients manually or remotely. All the components are installed but not enabled. Just wanted to know what exactly could be the problem before I start troubleshooting
  3. thanks peter for your reply again i didn't understand the meaning of "c:\temp\setup.iss" in the command line. Doesn't it tells the "avsetup" to get the required information for installing the software. Every time this program reaches the client end, and the program uses the mentioned command line, then for silent installation setup.iss file must be present or accessible . If "c:\temp\setup.iss" tells the location of the setup.iss from where the program will fetch the detail, should I not change this location to another location which would be accessible globally by all the users, it the
  4. I have already put this file in the package. I first installed this software on my machine from where i got this file setup.iss. One more thing i wanted to ask, what is the significance of this path "C:\Windows\setup.iss" ? avsetup.exe -a -s -f1 C:\Windows\setup.iss Because what i understood from the manual is that if i want to run this software in silent mode this file "setup.iss" has to be present on this mentioned location "C:\Windows\" in order to provide the information to this software while getting installed silently. Now since my plan is to install this software on a f
  5. I have been trying to install AutoVue, using the command line avsetup.exe -a -s -f1 C:\Windows\setup.iss as mentioned in the installation guide(file attached), but its not working. Kindly share your experience, if anyone has installed this software via sccm. AvAdministratorGuide.pdf
  6. I had WSUS in my environment for updates management. Now I have successfully integrated software update point in SCCM . I just want WSUS to stop deploying updates.
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