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  1. looking for step - by step procedure for moving a site systems from primary site to new secondary site. check many many forums and blogs. when checking these articles, i am left in a quandry. We have a CAS and Primary. We need to expand our distribution points to more than 250 points, approx 320. our thought here is to align sites with smaller bandwidths to the secondary site, which would mean to move the site system/.DP over to secondary site. all DPs were BDPs under sccm 2007. SCCM 2012 aborbed all systems and assigned to the Primary. Do not want to cause issues when movin
  2. we have two open cases with Microsoft Premier support. we have countless hours and days working with their folks with no resolution. We are at we will call you tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. Thought I would ask this panel of experts for assistance. We have a CAS serving as a SUP also. We have a seperate reporting server install with SSRS. When we connect through browser we see the correct information, but no reports show up in report manager url. On the sccm cas server the reporting point messages keep stating reporting server service is not running on our reporting server. it i
  3. Been trying to install sccm 2012 client on our production systems. we are using only a few systems direct with no success. We did not have any issues in our test environment. The ccmsetup.log on the systems states the following: <![LOG[MP 'SCCM2012P01.allegisgroup.com' didn't return DP locations for client package with the expected version. Retrying in 30 minutes.]LOG]!><time="16:33:06.236+240" date="10-25-2012" component="ccmsetup" context="" type="2" thread="19588" file="ccmsetup.cpp:9604"> been trying to determine what is meant by client package with the expected v
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