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  1. Note: This is regarding SCCM 2012 I have been trying to understand why my client will not download an update from the distribution point. See the attached image for an example. Steps I took leading up to this: Selected an update within Config Manager. Created the Software Update Group and Deployment Package Deployed the deployment package for "As Soon As Possible" installation with an immediate deadline. Distribution Point Status is good. 1 of 1 points have the package. I double check the presence of the package through the network path, on the distribution point and there are
  2. I am experiencing similar behavior in my setup. Were you able to find a solution for this issue Jens? I am having difficulty finding any error associated with the downloads which hang at 0%. When I check my distribution point status in Configuration Manager, the update appears with 100% compliance. The client machine appears in the "In progress" list under Deployment Status.
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