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  1. Hmm, I actually have injected software updates in to the offline windows 7 image, and in the task sequence I'm not having it install updates. I'll keep testing and see what else I can come up with.
  2. All is fairly well in our SCCM environment (about to go live soon with new domain,etc.) I have zero trouble F12'ing a unknown computer and applyin drivers through auto detect, or through a driver package. Once the system gets up and is managed, lets say I would to image it again 6 months down the road (or in my testing case, half the day later). I re-advertise the original task sequence to a collection that the computer belongs to (ie. Windows 7, Test Lab, etc.) with available or required options, and it boots into PXE fine and hangs at: "resolving selected task sequence dependencies" I've tried modifing the original task sequence to either auto apply drivers if it was using a driver package, or vice versa with no avail. Now, if I delete the object out of the SCCM console, everything works as intended, but it will not come up with the old active directory computer name as it's supposed to. This was working fine when I had first started doing test images, but now I'm scratching my head. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! I can provide whatever logs from whatever location upon request. Thanks, Gary
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