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  1. Hi, I got this exact error, after uninstalling WAIK, I know it's a bit late, but hopefully it can assist people in the future. Have a look if Waik is healthy, ie, can you access Os images(Import them to sccm). Also check if the wds service is started, and set to start when the computer starts. Note, you can heck this by clicking "start", typing "Msconfig.msc", and pressing enter, and then navigating to the "Services" tab.
  2. Hi, Try the switch ccmsetup.exe /uninstall from the faulty servers, and point it to the setup files, i.e. c:\ccmsetup.exe /uninstall.(Or wherever your ccmsetup.exe files are situated) Then you can either manually reinstall from the setup files, or push it again. In SCCM 2012 you can right click the computer object, and select "Install client", press next, and select "Always install the client software". Note when manually installing the client, you need to assign a site code, this will help, (double click it, and put in your sitecode), as it works similar to the smssitecode=(Yoursitecode) switch in sccm. Change_sitecode.txt (Open, put in your site code, save as .vbs, and execute on the affected computers) Also, do these machines have different IP addresses, and do they conform to your site boundary?
  3. Hi jwns, What does your "Site Status" say? Navigate to "Monitoring", and select "site status", where you should be able to see errors associated with site services. This might give you better guidance.
  4. Hi, I think I sorted this issue out. Had to recreate the Enrollment point using the "Default site", as the enrollment point name, as it does not automatically create a new site if you stipulate a new name. This seems to have sorted out all the Enrollsrv.msi issues.
  5. Hi, I added a Enrollment point, to my second site server, but I did not Add a Out of band management point, as I need an Amt certificate for it, and We're still working on that, is this role neccesary? I heard somewhere that these roles might rely on eachother. First site server roles: Second site server roles: Thanks.
  6. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, and I hope to assist where I can, as I've benifited quite a bit by browsing through . Im currently Deploying a SCCM 2012 server, with two site systems, to manage about 700 client computers, and servers. While browsing through my Status messages I saw this little bombshell (attached), on our Second site server, stating that Enrollsrv.msi could not install. I checked all over Google, but simply could not find anything related to this. I then proceeded to check the log-files, and this is what I saw: It could not find a IIS site, called JMZAenroll(enrollment point), and proceeded to can the installation. I then proceeded to create a IIS site with the abovementioned name(Maybe a dumb idea, but I was desperate). Below is the enrollsrvmsi.log file.enrollsrvMSI.log Has anyone else seen this issue before, and if so could you please give your input with regards to this. Thanks.
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