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  1. Note: First things first, the Lenovo P1 is usually shipped with Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, and installing a Server operating system on it is not supported by Lenovo. I wanted to install Windows Server 2019 on my Lenovo P1 as data deduplication is not supported in Windows 10 by Microsoft. For more info about data de-duplication see this post from Microsoft. In a nutshell however data deduplication (or dedup in l33t speak) is the ability to analyze data and find patterns that are repeated and rather than store all those repeated patterns, it stores one copy, and i
  2. I installed Windows Server 2019 recently as described here, but noticed that I couldn’t access Enhanced Session on any of my Hyper-V Gen 2 virtual machines. The setting was greyed out. Enhanced session gives you a lot of nice features like copy and paste between host and virtual machine, and the ability to resize video, so I really wanted to be able to use it. At first I thought the reason it was missing was due to a missing driver or configuration version of my Gen 2 Hyper-V virtual machines, but it was not. A quick look at the Hyper-V settings revealed the cause, by default t
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