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  1. Hi guys i recently had network driver problems with some new HP models (8200 elite and Z210) i was looking at having to slipstream the drivers into the win7 and server 2008 boot.wim. I was having some problems finding the right drivers to inject when i thought that the win8 pre-release iso would have a boot.wim in the sources folder with lots of new drivers already on. And it did... so no more using win7 and server 2008 boot.wim. Hopefully this will help anyone who has similar problems. Knowing my luck everyone has already been doing this and i've just been sleeping. :-) Regards Les
  2. Hey guys i have just succsessfully multicasted an image to 45 machines in a lab, i create another image for another lab and prepare a multicast session with the new image. I connect my pc's in the lab via pxe boot, choose the image and the multicast fails but pc's start a unicast session. Any idea what iam missing ? Regards Les
  3. Thanks Jessica i'll give it a try and let you know how i got on. :-) thnx Les
  4. Hi Guys just a quick question. Once i have created an unattend.xml for one image can i use the same unattend.xml for another image or do i have to recreate another with WAIK and point to another image. Its just i'm trying to use an xml file i created for one installation and it won't work for another. Regards Les
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