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  1. I set in the client policy SW a HW audit .It is sufficcient ? If I open resource explorer , this action open information.
  2. thank you for answer . I install RS roles in the cas server . :-( I must revide sizing :-)
  3. Hi . I have questation about RS role . I have two SCCM server (CAS and PRIMARY) and DB with two instances .I add to Primary site report server role , but I cannot this server to cas role . How I install RS role in the same machine ? thanx
  4. Hi I have questtaion about Asset inteligence . WHy I have inventory software empy ? I set client , Asset inteligence classes and Site maintance . Resource explorer ahter start work ok and show instaled programs ... :-( ? In the inteligence asset is HW catalogs . How this work ? I cretae application , but I cannot add this req. to thi dostribution . How I use this HW catalog ? thanx
  5. Zdravim , mam mozna trosku hloupe zakladni otazky ohledne tohoto produktu . Mam nainstalovany CAS a Primary server . A ted k otazkam. Jakou ulohy hraji site a bundaries ? dokmnival jsem se ze kazdy objekt ( pocitac , tel. atd. ) pati pod situ , tedy pod primarni server , ktery mu distriuuje poitiky atd. Ale kdyz jsem se koukal do bundaries group tak tam zase je ze sdili zdroje s vyjmenovanymi zdroji . Jaka je tedy vazba mezi pocitacem a sccm ? pokud nainstakuju pocitac a nainstaluju klienta pomoci wsusu do ktere site se mi zaradi ? Muzu ho rucne zaradit ? c) Forefront - omlouvam se ale dom
  6. Hi i try reinstall primary site , but every attempt end with error : in log is write ..... "To remove this site from the central administration site, you must manually delete the record by running the Hierarchy Maintenance tool with the /delsite parameters (preinst.exe /DELSITE <SiteCode>) on the central administration site." this is in the uninstall log and the install log return detect site with same name . but i try change site name , do not work . trouble is with server name :-( . In the managenmet console is not this site with some name and none of server name with same name
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