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  1. I have an older Dell OptiPlex 760 that I'm attempting to deploy Windows 8.1 to using MDT 2013 and Litetouch. If I use the plain Windows 8.1 install media, Windows loads on the machine and everything works fine. However... When I deploy Windows 8.1 through Litetouch, I end up with no USB drivers loaded, and therefore no mouse and keyboard on the machine. I made sure that I have the same .INF files in the MDT Out-Of-Box Drivers that are on the install media, but PnP doesn't seem to pick them up during deployment. Any ideas?
  2. It's possible that someone else has an explorer window open at that location, but it's been my experience that explorer windows don't count as "using" the file, and any changes to files in that location should just update for anyone looking at it. SCCM should be the only thing using that file. Is it possible that SCCM is "touching" it at the moment I'm attempting to update the file?
  3. So every time I inject drivers into my x64 boot image, it ends up getting renamed. And it's done this several times before, apparently. If I browse to \\sccm\SMS_GSU\OSD\boot\x64, the boot image will be named "boot.GSU00002.wim". I will right-click on a driver in the driver store, tell it to add to the boot image, check the box to update the distribution point when finished, and when all is said and done the file will then be named "boot.GSU00002.GSU00002.wim" and the boot image entry in SCCM is now pointing at a file that doesn't exist. This has happened several times and it keeps tacking on a "GSU00002" to the boot file name every time. Anyone have an idea of what's going on?
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