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  1. So I have folders in Device Collections, then in those have the actual collections. To see what machines are actually in those collections I have to double click on the collection (I know I can right click->properties also), and when I do the focus changes to Devices (not Device Collections) and that shows the clicked collection as a sub-heading of Devices, I can click on that and display the machines in that collection in the right pane. The sub-heading collections "stick" there for a time and then go away. What I am wanting is for all my (device) collections to show up as sub-headings to the Devices icon/folder ALL THE TIME, not just when I selection them from Device Collections. I would be just as happy if MS had added a Members tab to Summary/Deployments/Custome Client Settings in the Device Collections area but I dont see that happening...so I am hoping there is a way to get them to permanently show up as sub-headings to Devices. Straytoasters
  2. AAAUUHHHH!!! That seems to have been it for me (well, the TS at least started now). I dont know it this info was specific to SCCM 2007 or 2012 but on my 2012 enviroment the TS for the OSD my Maximum Allowed Runtime was set to 0 (...thus infinite runtime) so even my Maintenance Window of 10+ hours failed. Not sure if 0 is default or not (someone else created this paticular TS), but thought I would say it might be different for 2007/2012.
  3. Actually I have done both. In this case I am launching the TSM disk on a Hyper-V VM "shell" (no OS, just settings and pre-config (sized) hard drive). In the past I have gotten the same result while trying to pull an OS image. In that situation the image being pulled DOES get to the SCCM server up to about 70%-90% then the network drops. I can get it back with a few attempts a ipconfig/renew but at that point the TS has failed. To answer your question I suppose I should say PXE as I am starting the process from a TSM disk. I do want to be clear that the target machine DOES find and start the TS, but at some point the network drops for seemingly no reason. The same TS works fine on a real machine. I have not tried this on a different VM software (Virtual box/VMware) so I dont know positivly if its Hyper-V or the network but as it works fine on a real machine I lean toward some Hyper-V setting not being right.
  4. SCCM 2007 Same OSD TS works on physical machines. Good IP (and can ping external sites and SCCM server (in network, not same machine)) Using standard Hyper-V nic and "legacy" nic IP's are set by DHCP Running from TSM. TSM finds TS, starts TS but hangs for about 10 minutes at "Resolving Selected Task Sequence Dependencies". At this point still have good IP and can ping (external and internal). Progress bar continue to move (not that that really means anything per se). When progress bar gets to about two spots from the end the IP address gets lost and the TS fails with the standard "The Task Sequence failed to run" Error 0x80072EE7. Okay...the smsts log does say it was unable to connect to the SCCM server but I guess I am asking if anyone has any idea why that is since I could connect to it (via ping and mapping a random share to it). Thoughts? StrayToasters
  5. SCCM 2007 R3. Running a capture TS seems to go through all the right motions but fails after a while. The TS does create a .wim in the location it always has but when you look at the index in the .wim it only shows one part (it should show two). The file size is smaller then the previous captures, as I would expect given that it fails, but still if it is only seeing the first part (that typical 100 meg or so partition that Windows creates) I would expect the .wim to be much smaller. The (failed) .wim is around 3GB, the normal capture I get is around 4GB. In the smsts log I see "failed to run the action : Capture Reference Computer. The system cannot find the file specified. (Error: 00000002; Source: Windows" and a few lines down further there is "unknown host (gethostbyname failed)". It seems to really get hung up on that one...as it keeps repeating that one almost from the start of the TS and after about 30 min it truly gives up and fails. In typical SCCM fashion, it doesn't seem to specify what file it cant find and as for host, since it DOES write a .wim file to the only machine (network share) it calls to, I'm not sure what host it is looking for. In the ZTIBackup log there is this line "Error creating and image of drive D:,rc = 2", and a couple of lines down "ZTI ERROR - Non-zero return code by ZTIBackup, rc=2". In WinPE the D drive is of course the traditional C drive. In the BDD log the same errors are mentioned. In the ZTIBackup_imagex log the errors that come up are "[ERROR] D:\Windows\System32\NlsLexicons000a.dll (error = 53)" and a couple lines later (Error imaging drive [D:\]. I did run across this post (using the ZTIBackup log as a key reference) that seems to suggest that the area where ImageX puts its temp files could be the problem. This process has worked fine in that past but this (newer, updated) reference image is larger, however on at least one of the machines I have tried this on has 8GB ram (the article seems to indicate the temp storage is a ramdrive), so unless ImageX puts a default limit on the ramdrive I'm not sure this is the fix. As for the other suggestion on the page (auth issues) I doubt that as the TS IS ABLE to write an (apparently incomplete) .wim to the network share it always has been able to. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/907fbcd5-af2d-48e5-a371-70f5526d6c38/cature-image-failing-mdt2010 Any suggestions appreciated. StrayToasters
  6. I have a small .bat that I want to copy to a pre-existing folder on the clients. If I do a simple OSD and let SCCM finish then run the copy TS it works exactly like it is suppose to. If I add the exact same TS (I litterally copied and pasted it from the stand alone TS to a TS of the OSD) to the OSD the OSD doesent fail but the file does not get copied. The copy is being done with a "run command line" action in the TS. I get why SCCM doesent consider this a fail (it DOES run the run command line (xcopy file.bat client_folder)), the fact that it doesent register as a fail is fine. In the log though what I see is that when the run line executes it generates a "file not found". Again this is litterally the exact same TS. In the log for the stand alone TS there is a line like working directory = \\remote SCCM location\packgeID, then a couple of lines later the working directory changes to the local location where the file has been copied (common location like C_SMSTaskSequence\packageID), but if the TS is ran as part of the OSD the working directory never changes to the local location. Okay, I get that this is likley a contex thing (...or maybe not), but I'm not sure what the magic solution is. Help??? Straytoasters
  7. Is there a setting to enabling client caching other then the tick mark "persist content in clienet cache"? The cache size is set to 10GB (based on the ConfigMan install string). We have not set any additional text for a location, so I would assum it would to to the default location (...\ccm\cache) but there is nothing in there. When I open ConfigMan from Control Panel on the client the settings in the Temporary Program Download Folder is grayed out but as soon as I click configure it all becomes non-grayed out and the folder path changes to the default path and the size changes to 10GB, so surley it see's what it is being told, but the content is not persisting. Is there a setting that needs to be enabled in the task, or more text in the ConfigMan install string, or ??? StrayToasters
  8. Some reports that I run show machines that are imaging when they are not. The machines have been imaged since the date shown on the report. For instance the report "Status summary of a specific task sequence advertisement" show two machines currently running the task but they are not, and in fact have been imaged many times since the dates shown for the "Execution Time". Some forum posts seem to indicate that the only way to clear this is to delete the Advertisement: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1994-clear-old-advertisement-report-info/ http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6568-clean-up-osd-report/ ...but really short of directly editing SQL (not going there), there's really no other way? Would running that advertisement again on the machine in question "fix" that or would it still show an "unfinished" attempt? My organization...we can re-image pretty much anytime for any reason with no downtime.
  9. Server 2008R2 / SCCM 2007 Created a TSM disk recently that worked fine for a while then last week it started failing. Behavor is like this. Boot TSM, machine sees its tasks, I choose one, the TS starts, but only gets past the point of format and parition, then errors (0x80070002). I brought up the cmd window and there is a good IP and can ping out. In diskpart it claimes there is no fixed disks. So its like it formats/partitions then loses the disk. The behavor is the same on a real machine or VM. I created a new TSM (and new cert though I dont think this is cert related, the disk that was working still had a good cert) and got the same behavior. I have seen some suggestions that this could also be an issue where the account running the TSM (system) doesent have authorization to access the wim and app store on the server. No changes have been made on the server as far as access to shares. Suggestions? Straytoasters
  10. As an update I went ahead and unplugged the network cable from that dist point at the remote location so they had to get their packages from one of the other dist points. Same results, so the issue is appearently not with that dist point. I want to emphasize that the other two locations running the same task sequence do not have this issue...only this one remote location. Still looking for suggestions...or even which log's to look at (to cut down on my research time). Thank you.
  11. Three dist points. One of the three generates an error for Itunes. The error is essentially where Itunes trys to start up and wants to find its installer but what it is referencing is the path to where the install process would have put it during the install (c:\SMSTaskSequence\Packages\*assigned_package_ID\). If you click cancel on the error Itunes DOES WORK FINE. I have updated the dist point a few time, and "refreshed" it too. The file being installed (itunes64.msi) matches hash on a dist point that does work. Is there a way to disable a dist point (not delete it) to force the machine's in the problem dist points area to go to a different dist point. Other suggestions?
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