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  1. I'm trying to automate our computer deployment completely. At the moment the helpdesk guys have to manually type in the name of the machine to a fairly simple naming convention which follows: XX-YY-Username Where XX is one of 3 brand initials, YY is either WS or LT depending on desktop/laptop and Username is the user's name. Unfortunately this isn't being followed correctly so I'd like to automate it and change it around a bit going forward so that instead of using the Username I use the service tag of the machine. I think I have the bits together to get the YY-ServiceTag but I'm really struggling on how to get the support guys to choose the brand. Can anyone point me at an idiot proof guide to get his running, I've spent far too long googling for options and just can't figure out how to get it working.
  2. I'm trying to figure out the best way to resolve the scenario I find myself in. I have approximately 200 remote sites, the workstations on these sites all have either a windows 7 or windows xp sp3 machine with an identical local admin account/password. I need to add these machines into SCCM. The problem I'm facing is getting SCCM to discover them. The machines have a static IP, the routers they are connected to do have an SNMP community configured but the SCCM site server is not in the permitted access range, one of the distribution points is though. Is there a way of getting automated discovery to work or am I going to need to install the client manually?
  3. I've tried disabling spanning tree and any error correction stuff on the switch, nothing makes a difference. All BITS policies are removed, there's nothing weird on the computers either. I can deploy any other application I want to these machines, Office 2013 etc with no issue, as soon as I try Office 2010 it just hangs on ProWW.msi I just can't grasp why this works fine if the machines run 1000/FDX and fails at 100/FDX
  4. I’ve made some strange discoveries today. The issue is not phone related, it's network speed related. If I plug a client into a switch directly with all settings set to auto negotiate then the client will download Office, link speed is 1Gb Full Duplex. If the port speed is limited to 100Mb Full Duplex at the client and the switch then the Office download fails. The phones are only capable of providing 100Mb Full Duplex connections to the client PC. I obviously cannot ask a user to recable their PC just to install Office! Any suggestions on what could be causing this?
  5. I've made some progress on this but now I'm stuck! All of our head office connections are connected into the back of Mitel 5224 IP phones and are on a client vlan. I've found that when the clients are plugged into the back of the phone then office will not download. If the clients are plugged into the switch directly on the same VLAN then office will download perfectly. Any suggestions as to why the client will not download the office package if it is plugged into the back of a phone? This worked fine in sccm 2007
  6. Forgot to add, call has been raised with PSS, spent hours on the phone with MS trying to resolve this issue. The only plus side is the guy at MS has been able to recreate the issue in his lab.
  7. Office package has been recreated. Client cache has 5gb free and the harddrive has more than 100gb free. If I move the client onto the same subnet as the distribution point then the package installs correctly. There is something preventing the download of proww.msi if the client is on a different subnet. I'm just about to try a vanilla built windows 7 machine on different subnets to the DP and see if that can deploy.
  8. Sorry for the delay, been on holiday! The client is AD related. Boundaries are configured as follows: We have 10 boundaries, 8 IP address ranges, 2 subnets. The clients that I'm working on at the moment are in the 10.2.102.x subnet which is part of the boundary for our head office. That is configured as an address range of That range as well as the remaining 9 boundaries are all in the only configured boundary group. The content starts to download but always hangs at ProWW.msi, that can be a random percentage but it's always the same file and that file will download perfectly to a machine being built by OSD and a windows 7 machine on the same subnet as the Deployment Point.
  9. It is set to download content, the problem is the content never downloads, it always hangs downloading ProWW.msi
  10. This happens either from Software Center or as a Deployment. I'm using SCCM 2012
  11. I'm having a problem deploying office 2010 to machines in our environment. The application seems to deploy perfectly to windows 7 as part of the build process but deploying to windows XP machines is causing me a headache. The client will start the download, it will then hang at a random percentage. DatatransferService.log shows reoccurence of these 2 lines: <![LOG[CDTSJob::HandleErrors: DTS Job '{19F0A849-711F-499C-9A43-46B35568B7E0}' BITS Job '{EC5A3A95-45E3-42F6-9C53-03264063A240}' under user 'S-1-5-18' OldErrorCount 298 NewErrorCount 299 ErrorCode 0x80072EFE]LOG]!><time="18:08:07.147-60" date="09-11-2012" component="DataTransferService" context="" type="2" thread="2760" file="dtsjob.cpp:4527"> <![LOG[CDTSJob::HandleErrors: DTS Job ID='{19F0A849-711F-499C-9A43-46B35568B7E0}' URL='http://servername:80/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/Content_98740ce7-8e1c-4f66-b918-dd487f3bb202.1' ProtType=1]LOG]!><time="18:08:07.147-60" date="09-11-2012" component="DataTransferService" context="" type="1" thread="2760" file="dtsjob.cpp:4540"> I've checked the IIS logs on the Deployment Point for this client and for each download attempt I see this: 2012-09-11 17:10:46 GET /SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/Content_98740ce7-8e1c-4f66-b918-dd487f3bb202.1/sccm /ProPlus.WW/ProPlusWW.msi 80 DOMAIN\PC603$ Microsoft+BITS/6.7 206 0 64 19378 2012-09-11 17:11:46 GET /SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/Content_98740ce7-8e1c-4f66-b918-dd487f3bb202.1/sccm /ProPlus.WW/ProPlusWW.msi 80 - Microsoft+BITS/6.7 401 2 5 0 I've checked the authentication on the SMSPKG$ site and it's set to only have Windows Auth enabled. The 401.2 error is a Unauthorized: Logon failed due to server configuration There are no firewalls on the client or the DP server, as far as I can see boundaries are correct. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to look next?
  12. Both DPs are in the same domain and it was only this package causing the error. I think I've fixed it however, it was actually a share permissions issue, the share permissions were everyone - read only, sccm computer account and user account - full control. With these settings the transfer would fail, however as soon as I changed the share permissions to everyone - full control and removed the other accounts the transfer worked perfectly.
  13. I'm having problems getting packages transfered to one of my distribution points, this is a newly built site with a central site server in our datacenter and distribution points in our two large offices. Boundaries and groups have been created and one of the DPs is running fine, the other fails to receive certain packages. The package that is causing me issues at the moment is a forefront definition package. Both DPs were built from the same template (VMware template with customisation) and followed exactly the same steps and permissions. Site status shows a critical on the Software update point on the broken DP. On the non working DP the pxkgxfermgr.log I see entries that show the package is ready to send but transfer never starts. Such as: Send Request 2000FGG1~ Job: J6EGPK18 Destination: dplname~ State: Working Status: Active Action: None~ Total size: 0 k Remaining: 137518 k Heartbeat: 17:19~ Start: 12:00 Finish: 12:00 Retry: ~ SWD PkgID: GG100005 SWD Pkg Version: 2 SMS_PACKAGE_TRANSFER_MANAGER 01/01/1601 00:00:00 3988 (0x0F94) On the DPL I see this in smsdpprov.log [4F4][Wed 07/25/2012 17:19:41]:Missing file 722227D4A8291E14E42C524424EDDAE21D4DC942CDE6F89198E172CE6C0E7E0D [4F4][Wed 07/25/2012 17:19:41]:CContentDefinition::AddFile failed; 0x80070002 [4F4][Wed 07/25/2012 17:19:41]:Failed to add file 'AM_Delta_Patch_9999.9999.9999.9999.exe' to content library. Error code: 0X80070002 As far as I can see permissions are correct but I'm not sure where else to look or what to do. Any pointers or suggestions gratefully received.
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