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  1. I currently do use that feature but not all of our software we install have MSI's. I just find it strange that the TS will execute just fine if the field is empty. It almost seems like SCCM has read rights but not read/execute?
  2. We use "Start In" in the event the program needs to be repaired. If you leave it blank and then try to repair a program which needs it's source files the directory will be incorrect. I believe it points to _smstasksequence folder which gets deleted after the build.
  3. My OSD fails on any program in the task sequence that has the "Start in" field populated. If i remove the network location from the start in field the program will install and the task sequence will continue. The execmgr log seems to be telling me that it is getting an access denied error, so i gave everyone read/write to a specific folder for testing and the program still fails. Any ideas? smsts-20120727-162141.log execmgr.log
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